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So, big news! Drum roll please......My departure date has been moved up! I will be leaving a week early! So, instead of leaving on the 13th, I will be headed out on the 6th. YAY! I guess they have 30 other missionaries leaving on the 6th to Independence and so they don't want me to travel by myself the next week and they changed transfers to the 6th so it only makes sense to go in on a transfer day. It is just around the corner! Well, I mean, I guess it's still about three weeks away, but to me it seems so soon. At first when I found this out yesterday, I was kind of freaking out because I hadn't planned on leaving early, but all I am missing is one of the weeks of review for spanish so I think it will be okay. This means I only have about two weeks left of spanish and then my last week I'm doing visitor center training. I don't really know too much about that, but I do know that I get to go to Temple Square twice. YIPEE! I think it will be weird, but refreshing to get to go to Salt Lake.

 I have LOVED the MTC though! My testimony has truly been stregthened and there is such a spirit and power here that is crucial for every missionary to experience before they head out into the field. I have come to adore everyone in my district and zone. There are so many incredible people here! I have loved to get to know so many missionaries and hear their stories about why they have chosen to serve. It will definitely be a day full of tears when I have to say goodbye to my district. It's hard because in a lot of districts, everyone is going to the same place. In ours, most of us are headed out to different parts of the world. If for any other reason, I know that I was suppose to come into the MTC on January 2nd to meet these wonderful missionaries and teachers. Our teachers are seriously so inspired and top notch! I love them! I have had so many spiritual experiences that have reaffirmed to me that this is His church and that I am where I'm suppose to be right now. They have truly been tender mercies from the Lord and much needed. This work is far from easy, I don't know if I could say that enough! Everyone told me it would be hard, but you just can't ever understand exactly what they mean until you go. I know I still don't or won't understand it because they say that the MTC is nothing compared to the field, but I am grateful for these experiences that are pushing me past my comfort zone and forcing me to learn and grow. 

This week, as a class we have been talking about how the gospel of Jesus Christ is a gospel of change. It is expected of us to grow and change as we live the gospel. I have been thinking a lot about this and have asked myself, "has the gospel changed me/ do I allow it to continually change me?". I think this is a great question for all of us to ask ourselves because it helps us to see where we are at and helps us to recognize that there is ALWAYS room for improvement. As missionaries, we always tell our investigators of the power of the atonement and the change that the gospel can truly bring into their lives, but then I think that sometimes we don't really use the atonement and the changing power that it has in the way that we should (or at least I know that I haven't). The atonement is infinite in it's capacity to help us in EVERYTHING that we are going through. Another thought I have had this week, came from our Tuesday Night Devotional. Elder Schwitzer (of the seventy), talked about how when we invite others to Christ and to keep commitments, we are inviting them to repent. He used the parable of the lost sheep (Luke 15) and talked about how we need to help/carry/guide others to repentance as the Savior "layeth [the sheep] on his shoulders". The Savior did not force the sheep, but lovingly guided him. This helped me realize that every step of the way as I am teaching my investigators, I should ask how would the Savior help this person, or how would he teach them this principle. I think this can go for anything we do in our lives. We must constantly be asking "how would the Savior do this if He were here". As missionaries, we are His representitives, so it is so important that we do His work as if He were there beside us. Sorry, for going off on a long spiritual rant! Although they are kind of common sense realizations, I'm so grateful that as we seek for inspiration through the spirit, Heavenly Father allows us to learn very simple lessons over and over again. 

Our investigator, Jose is suppose to be getting baptized in two weeks!!!! :) We are so excited for him! I want to become more like Jose. He is so humble and willing to do whatever he must so that he can become baptized. Teaching Jose has been such a neat experience! I cannot wait to get to Inpendence! Although, I am terrified, I am excited to teach the people that I have promised to teach!

I love you all so so so much! Thanks for the cute packages! I especially loved the outside of the box! Thanks for all your love and support! I seriously don't know how I got so lucky! Ashy, thanks for your package also and the pictures you emailed! Oh, it kills me to miss all of these changes in your life, but my eyes our full of tears right now as I write this and think about this wonderful journey you are about to begin. I cannot wait for the day when we all get to be in the celestial room when we get back! Me encanta el plan de Salvacion porque podemos una familia para siempre. Yo se que esta iglesia es verdadera y la iglesia de Jesucristo. Yo se que Jesucristo vive y su Expiacion es real. I love you all dearly! Oh, and have a wonderful Valentines Day:)
Con MUCHO Amor,
                                Hermana Lexi Annmarie Jorgensen  


Tell GABBY GABBY thanks for the wonderful package and that I love her so much! Also tell Deb thanks for the letter and the Jeppsens thanks for the valentines package!
I'm going to send pics in about two hours 
1.  So lucky and blessed to get to help Chloe into the MTC this week.  I can't believe I got to help both of my friends.

2.  All the amazing packages for Valentine's.  I feel so blessed and loved.  I loved your picture Aubrey.

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