Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Valentines in the MTC

Hola Mi FAMILIA!!!!

This week has just flown by! I honestly have no idea what has happened! We have been teaching a lot and just reviewing everything!   I have learned so much from each of the investigators I have taught. Our hardest investigator right now is named Gabriel. He just doesn´t see why he needs God or Christ in his life because his life is already great. It is hard to try and create a desire in investigators when they don´t feel they need it.  My companion and I have talked a lot about how we can do this. I have learned that a desire is created when we teach doctrine according to their needs. We must cator to their spiritual needs! When we just simply teach lessons, our investigators tune out because they cannot clearly see how our message is for them specifically. We need to teach to them and not at them! As easy as that sounds like it should be, it sometimes isn´t. I think this can totally apply to everyone. In our church callings especially. I look back and think about the callings I´ve had and I know that I didn´t necessarily cater lessons to the people that I was teaching or most importantly, veer off my writen lesson plans and trust that the Spirit would lead me to where the lesson needed to go. I have definitely learned so much about the Spirit here. I feel like I may be repeating some of the same things each week! I´m SORRY! I have learned how important it is to prepare, because if we are prepared we shall not fear, but also how important it is to listen to those that you are teaching and follow the Spirit as to what you should say and how you should teach.

 I love the quote that Elder Holland gives in Preach My Gospel. He said, " I promise you that something in what they say will always highlight a truth of the gospel about which you can bear testimony and about which you can offer more... If we listen with love, we won´t need to wonder what to say. It will be given to us - by the Spirit and by our friends." I love this! I have seen this happen already with the "investigators" I have had at the MTC and I know that this is so true. Ashy, learn this early in the mission. The Spirit is the most important thing in this work. We are not the teachers! Of course, I have to learn this lesson over and over again and I continue to learn it. One day we will have a wonderful lesson with an investigator where the Spirit is present and teaching, and then the next, I get too prideful and try to be the teacher and do not listen as much to the Spirit and the investigator. Sorry, this was a long blurb about this, it's just something I've been reflecting a lot about here in the MTC.

The MTC is getting crazy packed! There are way too many people here already! The first four weeks I was here it was okay, but now the lines in the cafeteria are ridiculous and you have to stand in a long line an hour and a half before each devotional just to get a seat! It is wonderful though to see this work really growing! I have seen Trev, Meliss, and Chloe multiple times this week! It's so fun to see them! On Sunday, I was praying that I would get to see them because it had been a few days, and I got to see all of them multiple times throughout the day. Such a tender mercy!

So, how are you guys??? Ashy, thanks for the lovely pictures! It looks like it was a FUN weekend! Gabby Gabby sent me a package last night and I about DIED when I saw the pics of Auby posing on the bed and then the one of her doing the middle splits. I was CRYING laughing! All of my district loved them! They have heard so much about her and all of you so it was fun to show them pics. 

 Just as a warning, my P-day next week is going to be on Friday because I start Vistor Center Training on Wednesday. So, expect an email on Friday next week instead. Also, I know I still have one more email before I get to call you guys and I don't have my flight plans yet so I have no idea when my flight is, but I just want to get an idea of what we want to do. Well, I probably should go! I just want you guys to know how incredibly grateful I am for each of you! I seriously feel so blessed and supported! Know that I am so happy and truly enjoying this experience! I love this work and can't wait to get to Independence! LES AMO!!!
love always:
                      Hermana Lexi Annmarie Jorgensen
p.s. CALLIE, NICK, and GABBY: Thanks so much for the wonderful packages this week! You guys are too good to me! LOVE YOU!

Great Valentines Glasses from my companions package.

All the wonderful Valentine Love sent to me.

Seeing Sister Stewart (Melissa) is such a blessing.

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