Friday, December 13, 2013

It's my birthday, can you believe it?

November 25,2013

My dearest fam and friends,

Boy am I one blessed girl! You guys are the best! I could feel your love yesterday! I seriously had such a wonderful birthday! I was spoiled rotten here! It started the night before when Brother Kesler brought me flowers and a card. Then, the next morning, Sister Stevenson brought the most delicious chocolate bunt cake I've ever tasted! That night we had dinner with the MacDonalds, Burchs and Wheelers (3 of my 5 top fams in this ward). Dad, you would definitely have approved of the party, over 20 people and full of fun. I felt like I was at Sunday dinner with the fam. All of these people have become my mission families. I love them to pieces! So, it was more of like a birthday weekend and it ended just a few hours ago after Sister Sommer and I went and got pedicures with Sister Stevenson and then the Stevensons took us out for Thai food. I was completely spoiled, end of story! I have met some of the greatest people on the mission.
As for the rest of the week, Sister Sommer was sick for about three of the days and the jail has been pretty slow, so in the beginning of the week I was going nuts because I felt like we weren't doing much. It picked up a little bit more at the end though.

Miracles of the week:
- Sister Sommer and I had a lesson with Lhaylla on Wednesday about baptism, the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. At the end of the lesson, we invited her to be baptized and she said, "of course!" (in a no duh kind of way). This girl is the definition of prepared. We are hoping she'll be able to get baptized in the next month but they are still checking with the program so we will have to see. I just want to know now, but this is teaching me patience! We also watched the Testaments with her on Saturday in Portuguese. Never thought I'd be doing that on the mission!
- Two miracles happened on Saturday night at the jail. The elders in our ward brought their investigator Steven and his daughter Audrey to the jail and we got to take them through. The spirit was so strong, and at the end, we were all sitting facing the jail, and the elders asked Steven if he knew Joseph Smith was a prophet and Steven said yes. They then invited him to be baptized and he said yes! :)
- Also on Saturday, we got a chat from a girl named Tina. I don't even think I've told you guys about chat. So, for 2 hours of our 6 hour shift we get to make phone calls and answer chats from people who get on It's actually pretty cool. Sometimes we get people who just come on messing around, but other times we get people who are awesome like Tina. So, Tina's family has been meeting with missionaries. Her parents aren't really interested but she knows it's true and came on to chat to find out more. How prepared is she! We only got to chat with her for a little bit but we got her email and were going to start emailing her. She is going to try and talk to her family this week and express to them how she feels about the church. Were excited to keep in contact with her.
- Lastly, the Burchs, their son, his girlfriend, his friend, and his friend's daughter all came to church on Sunday! Lisa was beaming! She loved having her family with her. They are all visiting from Wisconsin for Thanksgiving, so they'll be here all week. Their son is a member but his girlfriend and friend aren't. They came to the MacDonald's last night and we shared a message there and Lisa wants us to come over this week.

Well, I love you all so much! I'm so grateful for your love and support. I feel it a few thousand miles away. Have a wonderful week! Happy Thanksgiving! XOXOX
love always,

         Hermana Jorgensen

1. Here was the start of my wonderful birthday! Bro and Sis Kesler dropped these off Saturday night. How sweet are they?! I love them!
2. Then Sis Stevenson made me this delicious chocolate bunt cake :) So yummy!

1. Alma made me a cake! I love this boy! We went to the MacDonalds for dinner/ a little bday party. The Burchs and the Wheelers (our ward mission leader who I love) came too.
2. John and Lisa :)

Then, we had a little party at the very end of the day with all the sister I live with! Yes mom, we used all the bday stuff you sent me :)

Staying positive and patient!!

November 18, 2013

My dearest fam and friends,

      Oh my goodness my Jules is home!!!! She looks so beautiful and happy! Seeing pictures of her come down the escalator is so surreal. It really feels like it was just a few months ago that we dropped her off at the MTC and now she's home. I can't believe it! I think it has helped that we've served a good portion of our missions together,because time on the mission just flies by. I cannot wait to see her! Send her my love please! Oh, and also can you send me a copy of her homecoming talk too:) And yours too dad, I'm sure it will be great!
     Well, let's see, another week has come and gone and I'm staying here in Liberty again. I am so happy! Transfers were on Thursday and I was thinking there was about a 50 percent chance I could stay or go. I was thinking I might stay because I'm training and that would allow me to finish training Sister Sommer or that I could easily leave because I've already been here 3 transfers. My prayers the past few weeks started off with, " Heavenly Father, please let me stay here one more transfer, I feel that my work here isn't done" and then they turned into, "wherever you want me to go, I'll go". By the time transfers came, I can honestly say I was okay with whatever the Lord wanted me to do, but I am very happy to still be here! There is work to be done here, Lhaylla needs to get baptized, Mercedes needs to get to the temple, and the Burchs need to be more solid. These are our big focuses this transfer!

     Anyways, we had a wonderful lesson with Lhaylla this week. We talked about faith, repentance, and a little bit about baptism. We had planned on teaching a lot more, but the spirit guided us to know at what pace we needed to go for her. I just love the spirit! I love that only through the spirit can we truly know what our investigators need and how we should teach them. We also had a two good lessons with the Burchs this week. We talked about spiritual goals and their conversion stories. It is incredible to see the light in their eyes as they talked about how they came to know that the church is true. They do know it! Lisa's goal right now is to get to the temple and she wants John to hold the priesthood. She said she was going to go whether he went with her or not. She is determined! John isn't completely there yet but he is getting there and he will get there. We want them to progress together so it's a goal they have together and it doesn't tear them apart like it did before. One thing Sister Sommer and I want to try and focus on this transfer, is helping everyone that we are working with consistently be reading from the Book of Mormon. From now until Christmas, we are reading one chapter from the Book of Mormon each day with the Burchs starting from the very beginning. So far we are one for one! :)

    This week I've learned a bazillion different lessons, as I do every single week in the mission. I am learning the importance of patience, to be patient with myself, my companion, and those we are working with (including ward leaders). I have also learned, to never pray for patience or humility ever again! haha I have also learned that I never want to be flaky. We have so many people set appointments with us and then only so many actually are there and it gets frustrating but then comes in the patience, right. Lastly, mom you would be so proud, I am learning to be positive. This is something I have been trying to work on the entire mission, and I finally think it's coming along. I believe it's largely due to the fact that I had the lovely Sister Rackham as my companion for two transfers. She is probably the most positive person I know and she definitely rubbed off on me. It is a choice to look at things positively and I am consciously trying to make that choice. Sister Sommer and I review and focus on what went well everyday instead of the many things that fell through and didn't work out the way we planned. As we've been doing this, I have noticed an increase of energy to wake up and do it all over again the next morning. Every morning I wake up and say, "....I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare His word among His people, that they might have everlasting life." (3 Nephi 5:13) It helps remind me that this is why I'm here and why I'm awake at 6:30 every single morning! I love my Savior. I know that He lives and that this is His work!
love always,

           Hermana Jorgensen

Still in Jail and loving it :)

November 12,2013

My dearest fam and friends….

My goodness, I have so much I want to write about this week but we really don't have very much time because we went to Kansas City this morning for one of the sister's birthdays. Speaking of birthdays, happy happy birthday to dad and Gabby Gabby!

     So, I have wonderful news, we invited Darla to be baptized and she said yes! :) I really don't know if I've told you too much about her, but we have been meeting with her for about three weeks. She use to meet with missionaries before and then moved. Our elders in our ward tracted into her and referred her to us. There are still many things we need to help her work through, but we are so excited for her!

     We also took Lhaylla (the foreign exchange student from Brazil) to the Visitor Center in Independence this week and she LOVED it! We went through a presentation there called God's Plan, which is all about families and the temple and Lhaylla was in tears by the end of it. At the end, the sisters that were taking us through asked her if she had ever thought about baptism before. At first when they asked, I was thinking oh shoot because her host family doesn't want us to push it on her too fast, but I actually think it was a really good thing they asked her. It was the perfect place because she was feeling the spirit and her heart was touched. She said that she has thought about it but probably wouldn't be able to get baptized until she went back to Brazil because of regulations with her program. We had already talked to her host parents though and they said they think she can with her parents permission, so who knows, we'll see. All I know is if she doesn't get baptized here, she will in Brazil when she gets home, which will be the end of May or beginning of June! Guess how perfect that is, I get home the beginning of June! We could make a trip out of it! ;) I'm kind of kidding, but seriously, how cool would that be!?

     One of the biggest tender mercies we saw this week was on Saturday. JOHN BURCH PRAYED!!! We have been inviting him to pray pretty much the entire time we've been working with him. He kept saying he wasn't ready, because he knew if he did that Heavenly Father would tell him it was time for him to come back to church. Yes, he is kind of a stubborn one and I love it! So, on Saturday we went over to their house and watched the Testaments and afterwards we shared our thoughts about the movies. Lisa talked about how one of the characters was such an example of being steady and enduring to the end and how that is how she wants to be. She also leaned over to John and said, "How cool would it be if you held the Melchizedek Priesthood?!". This woman is so so ready. She's all in. Anyways, at the end of the lesson, we asked how their prayers were going and Lisa said she was doing great but John said he still hadn't prayed. This time though, he said that he knows he needs to start praying soon because their family really needs it. We asked him who he would want to say the closing prayer and as he was trying to decide I told him he needed to say it. Lisa, Sister Sommer, and I all bowed our heads and just waited for him and then he prayed! :) Oh happy day! You have no idea how happy I was. I wish I could describe. I really don't think I have been this happy ever. We left and as I was driving home, tears were streaming down my face. Pure joy! I love these two so much, like so so so much. I know that I was called to come here for them. They came to church again this week and even stayed for two hours which is an improvement! They are on their way to the temple in only a matter of time! It has been such an incredible experience to be able to watch them progress these past 3 months. Their hearts have softened and changed. I know this is because of our Savior. He has the power to heal and mend broken hearts.
     I love my Savior and know that He lives. I know that He is at the head of this work and that these tender mercies come from Him and our Father in Heaven. Look for the tender mercies our Heavenly Father gives you this week! I love you all so very much! XOXOX
love always:
              Hermana Jorgensen

Oh and p.s. please give Jules a big squeeze for me! I sure do love that girl! Make sure to take lots of pics so I can see her! Who am I kidding, between Jody and Heidi we are sure to have some! :) haha LOVE YOU GUYS!

Tender Mercies

November 5, 2013

My Dearest Fam Bam and Friends,
So, it being the month of November, a month of gratitude, I am trying to record in my journal everyday, the tender mercies of the Lord. I know this is something I should be doing everyday anyway, but let's just say I haven't been the best at it. It has been so neat at the end of each night to review the day and see the miracles and positive things that happened. It has really helped me to feel better as I do this work.

One of the incredible tender mercies this week happened last Wednesday. We had an appointment with a girl named Lhaylla. Lhaylla is seriously so cool. She's from Brazil (Rio) and is living with an awesome family in our ward as a foreign exchange student. Gotta love foreign exchange students! She already does family prayer and scripture study every night, goes to church and young women activities during the week, and even goes to early morning seminary everyday! Isn't that incredible!? We've gone up and talked to her from time to time at church and have shared a message with her when we went over for dinner at their house but, finally we were able to actually set an official appointment with her. We talked all about the Restoration and Book of Mormon and through the whole lesson, her comments were just astonishing. Here's just a few things she said.....
"I know the reason I have come here is to find the truth."
Through out the whole lesson she kept saying, "this just all makes sense".
"When I read the Book of Mormon, darkness is replaced by light."
"The Book of Mormon is answering questions I could never have answered."
Talk about probably the most golden person I have ever met on the mission! This girl is a serious truth seeker and it has been so neat to see how the Lord has prepared her and led her here. About a year ago she stopped going to church with her mom because she didn't feel that the things they were teaching were right. She and her 3 older sisters have been searching for truth and her sisters have all joined different churches in the last few months, but Lhaylla still hadn't found anything before she came here. Of course there are a few loop holes we still have to figure out, like if her program will even allow it (the Gales, the family she's living with thinks it's fine) and then we need permission from her parents because she isn't 18 yet, but if all works out, she seems very ready. And, I guess if she can't get baptized here, we can just give her a good foundation here and then she can go back to Rio (where there are tons of members) and get baptized. Pray for her though!

Next tender mercy of the week, the Burch's came to church all on their own! You have no idea how big of a deal this is. In the beginning, it was like pulling teeth to try to get them to come and now they just want to! Oh happy day! We hadn't seen them in over a week because they had family in town, but then we called them on Saturday night to see how they were doing and they said, "We'll see you at church tomorrow!" Made my whole day! They only came for sacrament because John was in a lot of pain (he broke his back a few years ago and wasn't suppose to be able to walk again). At the end of sacrament meeting, Lisa turned to John and asked if he wanted a blessing and he said yes! This is such a huge step! So, Bro Kesler and an Elder in our ward gave him a blessing. It was such a beautiful blessing and addressed a lot of things John is struggling with spiritually too. Hearing that blessing was such a testimony to me again of how aware our Father in Heaven is of each of His children. Last but not least, last night they went to the Maddens (who are originally from Wisconsin and are also converts) to watch the Packer game! YES! Did they win by the way?? This made me so happy because we have been trying to find them more fellowship in the ward. So, now they know the MacDonalds, Keslers, and Maddens, how great is that!

Wow, I feel like this email is longer than usual, but one last experience I had this week. Yesterday, Sister Sommer and I had a lesson with a couple who is a part of a Restoration group. We met them last week tracting and they said we could come back on Monday. It was really neat preparing a lesson for them because we had to teach in a whole different way. We didn't have to focus so much on Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, but on temples, authority, etc. Let's just say we get in there and from minute one we could tell their hearts weren't ready. Pretty much the entire time all they did was bash the church and they talked to us about church history like we had never heard it before. Anyway, I don't want to dwell on the lesson so much as I want to talk about what Heavenly Father taught me in that lesson. Often times as a missionary, you worry about if you have the spirit with you or if you're feeling the spirit, and I learned last night that I have gotten so use to feeling the spirit 24/7. There have only been two times in my mission where I couldn't feel the spirit, the lesson Sis. Rackham and I had with Andrea a few months back, and last night. Well, I guess I should say I could feel it when I bore my testimony, but not during the lesson. Sister Sommer and I pretty much cried during the car ride home, partly because we were just so frustrated, but mostly because we were sad for them, sad that they were so lost and confused. I am so grateful for the spirit and so very grateful to know without a shadow of a doubt that this is Christ's church in its fullness. This is the real deal, I know it. Love you guys mucho! Make it a great week! Dad have such a wonderful birthday! XOXOX
love always,
            Hermana Jorgensen

 Look whos names I found where we ate lunch in Adam-ondi-ahmen. They had a wall with all the missionaries names who had ever served there so I looked for the Petersons and there they were!

 Overlooking the valley of Adam-ondi-ahmen 

1. The sisters at the jail on preachers rock in Adam-ondi-ahmen.
2. Far West!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Happy Halloween!*!*!*

October 30, 2013

My Dearest Familia and Friends,
You guys are seriously the best! As Aubsy would say, "Best Friends Ever!". haha Speaking of my Aubsy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE CUTEST 16 YEAR OLD EVER! My mind cannot fathom that she's actually 16, now she can date. Poor mom and dad! haha But seriously, our baby is all grown up. This makes me kind of sad. Can't you just make Aubsy and Pressy stop growing. I'm sure by the time I get home Pres will be so so tall! I mean his feet were already bigger than mine before I left!

Alright so updates for the week......

First off, my mission isn't always incredible and happy go lucky Ashy. Trust me, I have had my fair share of hard hard days. No joke, but with that said, we did get to go on a field trip this week to Adam-ondi-ahmen and Far West. It was so cool to see these sites that we always tell people about! The valley of Adam-ondi-ahmen was a lot bigger than I was expecting. They said the church owns about 3,500 acres there! There was such a sweet spirit there. This is where it all began and where it will all end. How cool is that! Far West was really neat too. I'm excited to take you guys to these places next summer because the day we went was super cold (like 40 degrees) and I had a bad cold so I tried to enjoy it the best I could but was a little miserable.

We had an awesome lesson this week with our new investigator Darla (I don't know if I've told you guys about her yet). She was a referral from the elders and we contacted her the week before and then had an actual lesson with her on Sunday. We felt prompted to bring Sis. Gallagher as our team up and I really wasn't sure why. They aren't the same age at all. Sis. Gallagher is probably 20 years older than her and so at first I wanted to bring someone in our ward who was more her age but I kept coming back to her name. As we talked about the atonement with Darla and she opened up to us about the pain she has been dealing with because of the abuse from her ex husband, the spirit told me, "this is why you needed to bring Sis. Gallagher". Before Sis. Gallagher joined the church about 12 years ago, she went through some of the exact same situations Darla was talking about. Oh am I grateful for the spirit that knows exactly what our Father in Heaven's children need. This was such a testimony builder to me that our Heavenly Father knows us, He knows our needs, our fears, He knows everything! So, we have another appointment with her tonight and are hoping to put her on date for baptism. She is super prepared and are very excited about her.

The jail has been quite slow lately. It actually stayed pretty busy almost all throughout October but has slowed down quite a bit in the last week. In the summer we took about 4-5 presentations each shift and then in Sept./Oct. we took about 2-3 and now it's down to about 1-2 presentations each shift. I had such a neat experience in a presentation I took this week though. There was a couple who came in that weren't members of the church. They were kind of familiar with the church but not really. I taught them all about the Restoration and Book of Mormon and took them through the presentation and at the end I gave them a Book of Mormon and some pamphlets and they gave me their number so I can follow up with them next week. They said they want to read a little bit of the Book of Mormon before I send missionaries to them but that they are very open and interested in the message. I felt so blessed to get to take them through and have that experience with them. There is so much power in teaching people about the gospel in the jail. It is already a building dedicated by a prophet where the spirit is always present.

I want you guys to know that I know that Jesus is the Christ, that everyday I have the privilege of putting on my badge with his name over my heart as His representative. I have come to know Him in such a real way here. I know that this is His work that we are a part of and that it is the single most important work to be done here on this earth. There isn't a day that goes by that I do not see Him in this work. I know He lives.

love always,

          Hermana Jorgensen

1     Sister Sommer and I at our ward Halloween Party! The lady right next to me is Miss Betty and the other couple is the Keslers. I don't know if I've told you much about this family, but I absolutely adore them! He use to be our ward mission leader and works for Hallmark and she's a ward missionary so we have worked very closely with them. They are on my list of top five favorite families in the Liberty 1st ward! Can't wait for you guys to meet them when we all come back. They are already planning on making Thai Food for us because Bro. Kesler knows I love it and he served his mission in Thailand!

      I hate that this is so blurry, but this is the Halloween Party continued! These are some of the young women in our ward and then of course Mercedes looking hot in her McDonalds costume (actually not really her costume, she was headed into work haha). I LOVE THIS WARD! the end.

Meeting another Apostle

October 22nd, 2013

This link is to a story about the 50th anniversary of the jail.  Hope you like it :)

To My Beautiful Family and Friends.....
     My word, you guys have been quite the world travelers since I've been gone! It all started about a month after I left when everyone went to London and it's just continued ever since! Lucky ducks! Disney sounds like it's going to be so fun and it only seems fitting for baby's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY AUBSY!!!! The big 16!!! Now she can date boys, right mom?? hahah Or, I forget, have we changed the age to 21 now!
Well, let's talk about the week! Guess who got to meet another apostle?! That's two in one week. Elder Ballard came last Sunday and Elder Cristofferson came this past Friday. He was here for a mission president's seminar so there were 30 mission presidents and their wives and then Elder Christensen (of the seventy) and Elder Christofferson. How cool is that! They came into the jail on a break from the conference they were having in Kansas City so that they could see some of the historic sites here in Missouri. We all got to shake his hand! It was such a neat experience! Man, was the spirit strong in that room having all those mission presidents and an apostle of the Lord there!

     Our area is doing alright. We are still in the finding stage but really haven't had as much time to find because of all the things that have been going on the past few weeks. On Thursday we get to go see Far West and Adam-ondi-ahman so that will take most of the day. I'm so excited! I'm pretty sure I've seen them before on the back east trip but, that was so long ago I can't really remember.

     We had a good lesson with the Burchs on Wednesday and kind of just talked about where they were at at this point because a lot has changed in the past two months. They talked about how they know what they need to do and that the temple is the goal but it is just going to take some time and softening of their hearts, especially John's. He still won't pray because he knows if he does that Heavenly Father is going to tell him it's time for him to come back. He's kind of a stubborn one! I have faith though that they will come all the way back with time. They came to church again on Sunday so that's 3 Sundays now! :)

     All throughout the mission, something that I've learned time and time again, is how important going to church, praying, and reading the scriptures are. In the mission we abbreviate it to CPR. If our investigators are doing these 3 things, then they are considered progressing investigators. I know this is also true with us. If we want to continue to progress in the gospel, we need to be doing these 3 things. They will spiritually keep us alive! Sister Sommer and I are really trying to focus on this this transfer. We want everyone that we are teaching (investigators, recent converts, and less actives) to be doing these things consistently. I think sometimes Satan wants us to feel that skipping these things from time to time is completely okay. If he can make us think this, slowly the habits we once formed disappear and we begin to cut off our spiritual "life line".
     Well, I love you all so very much! I can't tell you how grateful I am for your constant support and love. You guys are the best!
love always,
             Hermana Jorgensen

50th Anniversary w/ Elder Ballard :)

 October 15, 2013

This week was crazy! It felt like we were running here and there and could never catch up with all that we had to do. We were preparing for the 50th, going to meetings, training,  working our normal shifts at the jail, and between all that, we only got 7 hours in our area. It was insane! The 50th went so well, but I'm glad it's over now so that we can get back to a normal routine and start working in our area more.

     I have seriously been beyond blessed though to get to serve at the jail during this time! Last weekend was so neat to get to be a part of! On Saturday there were lectures and a readers theater all day and there were tons of people.There were so many people that showed up that even our overflow room downstairs got too full! On Sunday there was a VIP reception where Elder Ballard came and talked. Yes, Elder Ballard! That's the second apostle I've been within feet of during the mission! Pretty much all of the events this entire weekend took place in the rotunda where the reconstructed jail is, so the speakers spoke from the top floor inside the jail. Side story..... on Saturday right as the events were all starting, Elder Brenchley (our visitor center director) was in charge of introducing the guests and conducting the whole thing and so he's introducing Alex Baugh (a BYU professor) and afterwards forgot that we needed to say an opening prayer so he calls me out of the audience to come pray. So I got to go up and say a prayer in the jail! :) It was so great!
     We got to listen to Elder Ballard speak twice on Sunday, once at the jail and then he did a fireside at the stake center. It was so cool, when he spoke at the jail, he pretty much taught the entire fist lesson from Preach My Gospel (the Restoration) because there were quite a few community and church leaders there who weren't of our faith. He was bold, just as all the talks were in conference this past week. It was just neat to see how an apostle of the Lord would teach what we teach every single day. At the Sunday night fireside the visitor center sisters got to do a musical number. We sang a song called, "Come to Jesus".
     Elder Ballard's talk was incredible! It was so neat to have him there for the 50th Anniversary because 50 years prior his grandpa, Joseph Fielding Smith, was the one who dedicated it and they are both direct descendants of Hyrum. He said two things that really stood out to me:
- "Every dispensation has had an ample amount of time, but not this last dispensation, we are in a HURRY in doing the work of salvation."
- "I would rather offend man by sharing the gospel than offend God by not."
     I'm seeing a common theme here, as almost all of the apostles have been talking about the need for us as members to help hasten the work. Elder Ballard specifically talked to us as missionaries at the end and said that we were preparing to be future wives, mothers, and leaders of the church. I can't even begin to tell you what a neat experience it has been to be a part of all of this this past weekend. Then to top it all of, the Burchs came to church again and I got to see family come through the jail! I am one blessed missionary!
     Well, I'm running out of time, but I love you all so very much and pray for you always! I hope all is well! Make it a great week!
Love Always,
                 Hermana Jorgensen

Being silly with the Stevenson's! Love these two!

 All the beautiful sisters I live with!

Sister Sommer and I :)

the 50th!
It wouldn't be a celebration without food, right?! This was the reception they had on Sunday when Elder Ballard came.

1. So fun to see family! :) My mom's Aunt Trudi, Aunt Charlene, Aunt Kola, and Uncle Aubrey came on a church history trip and we were blessed to see each other.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

I have a new companion, Sister Sommer

October 8, 2013

To my dearest fam and friends....
I seriously have the best best best support ever! Everyone I live with is always saying, "Sister Jorgensen, how is it that you write the least amount of letters, yet still get the most?!" I probably shouldn't be getting a lot of letters and packages because I have been the WORST at writing letters! I like to blame it on the millions of friends that served before me that I wrote to and now that I'm actually on the mission, I'm completely done with writing letters. But, I seriously can't express to you guys how much it means to hear from so many of you almost every week. You're the BEST!

So, let's see, significant events that happened this past week......
Well, I'm training again! I was so sad that Sister Rackham and I had to part because we have become such good friends, but it seems that whenever we begin to get comfortable, Heavenly Father sends something else our way. I kind of assumed I'd be training because I went to President's house last week for the potential training meeting. My new companion is wonderful! Her name is Sister Sommer, from Kaysville, Utah, and goes to BYU. We actually graduated the same year and are both studying the same major at BYU but have never met. She has pretty much come out already completely trained. She started giving presentations at the jail by herself on the second day, has memorized tons of things that we need to in the mission, and is just such a good person. She's very happy and positive just like Sister Rackham! Heavenly Father has truly blessed me with some incredible companions! I'm still a little nervous because my setting apart and Father's blessings both talked about having companions that were very different from me and I really haven't seen that too much yet. We'll see! :)

Wasn't Conference wonderful! Common trend I saw was how straight forward and blunt the apostles were when they talked about the commandments. Like, I'm use to Holland and Bednar being bold, but it seemed like everyone was this time. We got to watch one of the sessions with the Burchs! It was great! Lisa was taking notes the entire time and received revelation on how she can help her wayward kids so that was good.

We text Mercedes after Conference was all over to see how she liked all of it and she said, "we should get together and share notes". YES, who is this girl! I feel so incredibly blessed to know her. I mean yes, she still is a stubborn teenager at times, but she's such a special girl.

We got a new investigator this week and we're excited about her! Her names Sabrina and she's a single mom with three kids. She is in a place in her life where she is very prepared and seeking. She works and goes to school so she is very busy but we are meeting with her next Tuesday so pray for her and her cute family!

Other than that, this week has been kind of slow and weird. We haven't had very much time in our area between meetings, training, and preparing for the 50th celebration! Oh ya, the 50th is this weekend! This is seriously the best time to be serving at the Jail. All day Saturday there are going to be lectures from two BYU professors and then a readers theater. Elder Ballard comes on Sunday and we get to sing for him! :) I'll let you in on the details next Tuesday! Love you guys mucho! Choose to make it a great week!

Love Always,
           Hermana Jorgensen (the first)