Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hermana Thorne's Last Week

April 15,2013

Oh what a week this week has been! In the beginning of the week it started off rather slow. Hermana Thorne and I were a little discouraged, and seeing as it was her last full week in the field, one night we sat down and decided we were going to change that. We decided that everyday we would each give out at least 10 pass along cards and 5 copies of the Book of Mormon. We also decided that on Saturday, we were going to teach 24 lessons because that's how old she is. Let me clarify that a lesson means that we have to teach them a few points and then leave them with a commitment, so it doesn't necessarily have to be like a 45 min lesson. So, we decided all of this on Wednesday night. We were so excited for Saturday! So, as you can see in the picture, we laid out 30 copies of the Book of Mormon, some in english and spanish and we placed pass along cards with our number in each one. We decided to be able to reach our goal, we would need to get out into the city a little early so we skipped our lunch hour and headed out at 11. Before we even got to the bus stop, we were able to teach 3 people. This day was incredible! The Lord continued to put people in our path throughout the whole day. We talked to literally everyone we met. My crazy companion even gave a few people Books of Mormon at stop lights! We met people from all walks of life. A family from Kenya, a man from Iran, and of course people from Mexico! We had only been out for about three hours and we had already taught about 20 lessons! We were so excited, but then there came about a good 30 minutes where every single person rejected us. We just pushed through and tried not to get discouraged. Eventually, we were able to meet people that were interested and within 5 hours we were able to teach 28 lessons,give out 30 copies of the Book of Mormon, and find 9 new investigators with return appointments. It was so neat! It's so neat to think that Kansas City has 30 more copies of the Book of Mormon floating around. I learned so much about missionary work on Saturday. I learned the importance of talking to EVERYONE and I also learned that the Lord will give me the words that he wants me to speak. I even gave a Book of Mormon out to someone in spanish all by myself. My companion was over talking to some other guys in Spanish so I decided to walk over and talk to another guy. I can't say the conversation went completely well, I asked him where he lived and he told me that he had already said that he was homeless! WHOOPS! :) But, I was able to give him a Libro de Mormon and set up another visit! It was honestly just such an amazing day. I know that the Lord is preparing His children everywhere and that it isn't our place to decide who looks like they could be ready or not. I know with all my heart that this gospel is true and that it is the only source for true happiness. Talking with and meeting so many people here, it has been sad to see so many people so unhappy and turning to sources that will only give them temporal happiness. I know that Jesus Christ is the only source of true happiness and peace in this world. This is the message we as missionaries are trying to share with the world, that He lives and that He has restored His gospel upon the earth. I know that this is true. Amongst all the changes and difficulties I have had as a missionary, I can honestly say I have never felt so happy and love this pure joy in my life. 

Anyway, a little update on Victor. He still has not quite smoking yet. We have set a goal that his quit date is in about a week and a half. We called a 1-800 quit now number and helped him get signed up for counseling and such and he just barely got perscriptions and patches so hopefully all of this will help. We have set a new baptismal date for the 11th of May. So pray hard for him! All in all, this week has been bitter sweet! The thought of having Hna. Thorne leave makes me so sad, but I'm excited for the new adventure ahead. She has seriously been such a light and example to me. I know that it was no accident that she was my trainer. I have learned so much from her. I have learned how to be a harder worker, more positive, more loving, and more thoughtful. I feel so grateful that the Lord allowed for me to be her little missionary. I sure do love her! 

Well, I'm sorry that this email was so short! But, just know that all is well here! I should be able to drive soon, since I passed my lessons off on Tuesday. So now I need to learn all the streets and such here! Well, I love you guys so much and pray for you each and every night. LES AMO!!!! XOXOXO 

We went to Chick Filet with our district after our Distric meeting.  It was my first time and I must say that I was quite impressed!

This is what I'd like to call Easter cookout in Kansas City, KS! There were about 4 families there.  It was a great time.

This is me before we headed out on Saturday with our 30 Book of Mormons.

Hermana Thorne giving out a BofM at a stop light.

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