Friday, June 7, 2013

Searching, Hoping, and Waiting

June 3, 2013

     Well, let's see..... quite honestly, this week was a little bit slow. It has been a little hard because we have to keep dropping a lot of our investigators because they aren't progressing or quite honestly are just a little bit crazy and not really all the way there.  Then we've also had a few drop us, so all in all our only really solid investigator right now is Miss Lucy. And we aren't exactly sure what's going on with her right now. We went to her appointment on Saturday night and we knocked on the door but she didn't answer. It was wierd because we had just seen her three hours earlier and she said she was going to be ready and expecting us. We tried to call her and she didn't answer. Late that night she texted us and told us she got a new number and asked who was going to be taking her to church. Sunday morning we went upstairs at like 10 to tell her about her ride but she wouldn't answer again. So we texted her and then she told us she wouldn't be going because she needed some time to think and read the Book of Mormon and close other things with her church. We were freaking out, so nervous but later found out that she's upset about a misunderstanding she has had with someone she really cares about. She texted us, "I am reading my book and no smoking. Love you.". So we are hoping all is okay with her. We hopefully are going to see her tonight. I just love her so much and I know that she really does want to make changes in her life. Last week she told us she had to tell many of her friends who she use to smoke and drink with that she will no longer be doing any of that and that she probably wouldn't even be able to hang out with them anymore. I'm so proud of her! She has already progressed so much! Her baptismal date is on June 22nd, but I don't know if she'll be able to actually be ready by that date or if we'll have to change it. The tricky thing is that her "husband" (they are just common law married) is very very sick. He has had lung cancer for 10 years and I guess also has thyroid cancer. He is bed ridden and literally just looks like he is melting away. It's so sad! So we have to still talk to her about how they need to get married but it is just such a wierd situation. We were planning on teaching her the law of chastity on Saturday night but since that fell through we are going to do it this week. Cross our fingers!
     We have been trying other methods of finding people to teach by reaching out to less actives in our ward. This week we went and visited the Imes family (an older couple). They were so wonderful! Reminded me of being around grandparents! The reason they are inactive is because he was offended by a bishop in the past. He is pretty stubborn, but he did promise us he would read from the Book of Mormon before we come back. When he promised us that, his wife's eyes widened in complete shock! She said he is a man of his word and that they haven't read in a very long time. We are hoping they will at least start with the Book of Mormon because it really is the key to conversion. We tried to go visit another less active lady but she forgot about our appointment and was at work. Her grandkids answered the door though and so we ended up staying for about an hour and taught the about the Restoration. We talked about the Book of Mormon and all five of them were like , "Can I have a copy of that book?". We were like of course you can, nobody ever usually asks like that when we explain the Book of Mormon. They were so wonderful and we are hopefully meeting with all of them again tomorrow and will reset an appointment with their grandma (who is less active) for Friday.
     Sunday was such an incredible day. It began with Debra (one of the Elders sweet converts) being confirmed, and then VICTOR BLESSED THE SACRAMENT, and John (our neighbor who the other Hermanas taught and was baptized) passed the sacrament. It was so COOL to see all three of them taking such big steps in their progression towards the Lord! I was so so happy for each of them and just couldn't keep the tears in during sacrament meeting. I was a little bit emotional on Sunday, all day. Who knows why, at times it was because I was just flooded with the spirit, and then other times I was just so sad and confused about Lucy who I just love so much, and then I missed you guys, and it just kept going like that all day yesterday. But, my time is up and I'm sorry it wasn't as long today. I sure do love you guys though! Don't worry about me, I'm doing good. I have learned more deeply what it means to humble yourself and trust in the Lord. Because we have been in a little bit of a teaching "drought", it has forced me to turn even more to my Heavenly Father for His guidance and direction in this work, His work. I know that Heavenly Father is so mindful of His children. I am so grateful for prayer, it has definitely got me through my mission thus far and I know it will only continue to. Sure do love you guys.... to the moon and back! XOXOXO
con amor,
              Hermana Jorgensen (the first :) )

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