Friday, August 16, 2013

Getting to use my Spanish, hopefully

August 13, 2013

     Can I just start off by saying, Ashy, your emails are the BEST! As missionaries you seriously find yourself in the awkwardest of moments on a daily basis! haha But I am sure that by the time you get home, you will be pro at speaking espanol and you will definitely have to teach me! Mom and Dad, I'm so glad you are home safe and sound and that you loved it!
     So, this week started off pretty slow but towards the end of the week it began to pick up and we were so excited! We actually had a mini missionary with us on Saturday. Have you guys ever heard of this before? I had no idea they actually did this, but it's awesome! So when you're between the ages of 16-18 you can go on "mini missions" with local missionaries for a weekend. How cool is that! So she came with us and we actually did splits. So I went with the mini missionary and Sister Rackham went with a member in our ward. We did this for two hours, and in those two hours we taught 10 lessons! It was wonderful! We found two new investigators that day too! And one of them speaks Spanish! YAY!
     So, yesterday we went back to our return appointment with Adrian (the new investigator who speaks Spanish) and we had a member with us (Hermana Manzano, who is just incredible) so we were so excited. Everything seemed too good to be true, and then he didn't answer the door! We knocked like five times, called him, slowly walked down the stairs of his apartment complex all bummed, and then decided to peek at some names on the mailboxes to find more people that had Spanish last names. As we were doing this, a lady walked down the stairs. We started talking to her and found out halfway through the conversation that she is actually in our ward. I guess she's been less active for years but most of her family lives in Independence and they are very active. Apparently her records were just transferred last week. Can you say miracle! Things like this do not happen by mere coincidence! I've had too many of these experiences throughout my mission, that I know God's hand is in this work. This is His work, not ours! And the more that sinks in, the more I feel completely comforted to know that we cannot fail, we will not fail, because as long as we give it our all, He is right there with us. Anyway, we ended up getting her number and she wants us to come back later on this week. And, she is living with her boyfriend who speaks Spanish and it turns out that all the apartments we were looking at that had Spanish names are part of his family! YAY! We may have an in! :)
     Another incredible thing that happened this week..... So, one of the simple, yet recent converts in our ward, Shannon, bore his testimony on Sunday in our gospel principles class. It was so powerful. He talked about how he knows the Book of Mormon is the word of God. Seriously, was one of the moments of the mission, when you are just smiling from ear to ear. That moment alone, makes all those hard hard days so worth it!
     Well, sorry I don't have anything hilarious to share this week, but I think Ashy took care of that for us! I sure do love you guys so much! I look forward to the day when we all get to be together again! But, until then, we've got to hit the ground running , "wear[ing] out our lives in bringing to light all the hidden things of darkness". Yes, that's from a verse that was revealed in the Liberty Jail (D&C 123: 13). I feel beyond blessed to still be serving here! LOVE YOU MUCHO! XOXOXO

1. Me, Sis. Rackham, and Elder Stevenson in front of Alexander Doniphan's monument.
2. Me and my cute, little companera :)

1. How cool is this little airplane! I think they told me it was called a gyro plane? Does that sound right dad? Anyway, the story behind this picture is.... I took this guy and his son on a tour through the jail and they told me they were just coming from the EAA! Can you believe it! They told me they had one of their little planes outside and so I asked if I could go see it. I thought of Pressy and Dad the whole time! Did you guys miss EAA this year? I'm assuming so.
2. Me and the plane. It kinda looks like a helicopter but I guess it takes off like an airplane. Weird huh!

1. So, last P-day we went with one of the senior couples to Richmond. It was so fun! We got to see Oliver Cowdery's grave!
2. How cool are these old headstones! Dad, I thought about you the whole time and about how much you would love this. Old Cemeteries are your thing!

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