Saturday, October 12, 2013

I have a new companion, Sister Sommer

October 8, 2013

To my dearest fam and friends....
I seriously have the best best best support ever! Everyone I live with is always saying, "Sister Jorgensen, how is it that you write the least amount of letters, yet still get the most?!" I probably shouldn't be getting a lot of letters and packages because I have been the WORST at writing letters! I like to blame it on the millions of friends that served before me that I wrote to and now that I'm actually on the mission, I'm completely done with writing letters. But, I seriously can't express to you guys how much it means to hear from so many of you almost every week. You're the BEST!

So, let's see, significant events that happened this past week......
Well, I'm training again! I was so sad that Sister Rackham and I had to part because we have become such good friends, but it seems that whenever we begin to get comfortable, Heavenly Father sends something else our way. I kind of assumed I'd be training because I went to President's house last week for the potential training meeting. My new companion is wonderful! Her name is Sister Sommer, from Kaysville, Utah, and goes to BYU. We actually graduated the same year and are both studying the same major at BYU but have never met. She has pretty much come out already completely trained. She started giving presentations at the jail by herself on the second day, has memorized tons of things that we need to in the mission, and is just such a good person. She's very happy and positive just like Sister Rackham! Heavenly Father has truly blessed me with some incredible companions! I'm still a little nervous because my setting apart and Father's blessings both talked about having companions that were very different from me and I really haven't seen that too much yet. We'll see! :)

Wasn't Conference wonderful! Common trend I saw was how straight forward and blunt the apostles were when they talked about the commandments. Like, I'm use to Holland and Bednar being bold, but it seemed like everyone was this time. We got to watch one of the sessions with the Burchs! It was great! Lisa was taking notes the entire time and received revelation on how she can help her wayward kids so that was good.

We text Mercedes after Conference was all over to see how she liked all of it and she said, "we should get together and share notes". YES, who is this girl! I feel so incredibly blessed to know her. I mean yes, she still is a stubborn teenager at times, but she's such a special girl.

We got a new investigator this week and we're excited about her! Her names Sabrina and she's a single mom with three kids. She is in a place in her life where she is very prepared and seeking. She works and goes to school so she is very busy but we are meeting with her next Tuesday so pray for her and her cute family!

Other than that, this week has been kind of slow and weird. We haven't had very much time in our area between meetings, training, and preparing for the 50th celebration! Oh ya, the 50th is this weekend! This is seriously the best time to be serving at the Jail. All day Saturday there are going to be lectures from two BYU professors and then a readers theater. Elder Ballard comes on Sunday and we get to sing for him! :) I'll let you in on the details next Tuesday! Love you guys mucho! Choose to make it a great week!

Love Always,
           Hermana Jorgensen (the first)

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