Saturday, November 2, 2013

50th Anniversary w/ Elder Ballard :)

 October 15, 2013

This week was crazy! It felt like we were running here and there and could never catch up with all that we had to do. We were preparing for the 50th, going to meetings, training,  working our normal shifts at the jail, and between all that, we only got 7 hours in our area. It was insane! The 50th went so well, but I'm glad it's over now so that we can get back to a normal routine and start working in our area more.

     I have seriously been beyond blessed though to get to serve at the jail during this time! Last weekend was so neat to get to be a part of! On Saturday there were lectures and a readers theater all day and there were tons of people.There were so many people that showed up that even our overflow room downstairs got too full! On Sunday there was a VIP reception where Elder Ballard came and talked. Yes, Elder Ballard! That's the second apostle I've been within feet of during the mission! Pretty much all of the events this entire weekend took place in the rotunda where the reconstructed jail is, so the speakers spoke from the top floor inside the jail. Side story..... on Saturday right as the events were all starting, Elder Brenchley (our visitor center director) was in charge of introducing the guests and conducting the whole thing and so he's introducing Alex Baugh (a BYU professor) and afterwards forgot that we needed to say an opening prayer so he calls me out of the audience to come pray. So I got to go up and say a prayer in the jail! :) It was so great!
     We got to listen to Elder Ballard speak twice on Sunday, once at the jail and then he did a fireside at the stake center. It was so cool, when he spoke at the jail, he pretty much taught the entire fist lesson from Preach My Gospel (the Restoration) because there were quite a few community and church leaders there who weren't of our faith. He was bold, just as all the talks were in conference this past week. It was just neat to see how an apostle of the Lord would teach what we teach every single day. At the Sunday night fireside the visitor center sisters got to do a musical number. We sang a song called, "Come to Jesus".
     Elder Ballard's talk was incredible! It was so neat to have him there for the 50th Anniversary because 50 years prior his grandpa, Joseph Fielding Smith, was the one who dedicated it and they are both direct descendants of Hyrum. He said two things that really stood out to me:
- "Every dispensation has had an ample amount of time, but not this last dispensation, we are in a HURRY in doing the work of salvation."
- "I would rather offend man by sharing the gospel than offend God by not."
     I'm seeing a common theme here, as almost all of the apostles have been talking about the need for us as members to help hasten the work. Elder Ballard specifically talked to us as missionaries at the end and said that we were preparing to be future wives, mothers, and leaders of the church. I can't even begin to tell you what a neat experience it has been to be a part of all of this this past weekend. Then to top it all of, the Burchs came to church again and I got to see family come through the jail! I am one blessed missionary!
     Well, I'm running out of time, but I love you all so very much and pray for you always! I hope all is well! Make it a great week!
Love Always,
                 Hermana Jorgensen

Being silly with the Stevenson's! Love these two!

 All the beautiful sisters I live with!

Sister Sommer and I :)

the 50th!
It wouldn't be a celebration without food, right?! This was the reception they had on Sunday when Elder Ballard came.

1. So fun to see family! :) My mom's Aunt Trudi, Aunt Charlene, Aunt Kola, and Uncle Aubrey came on a church history trip and we were blessed to see each other.

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