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Meeting another Apostle

October 22nd, 2013

This link is to a story about the 50th anniversary of the jail.  Hope you like it :)

To My Beautiful Family and Friends.....
     My word, you guys have been quite the world travelers since I've been gone! It all started about a month after I left when everyone went to London and it's just continued ever since! Lucky ducks! Disney sounds like it's going to be so fun and it only seems fitting for baby's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY AUBSY!!!! The big 16!!! Now she can date boys, right mom?? hahah Or, I forget, have we changed the age to 21 now!
Well, let's talk about the week! Guess who got to meet another apostle?! That's two in one week. Elder Ballard came last Sunday and Elder Cristofferson came this past Friday. He was here for a mission president's seminar so there were 30 mission presidents and their wives and then Elder Christensen (of the seventy) and Elder Christofferson. How cool is that! They came into the jail on a break from the conference they were having in Kansas City so that they could see some of the historic sites here in Missouri. We all got to shake his hand! It was such a neat experience! Man, was the spirit strong in that room having all those mission presidents and an apostle of the Lord there!

     Our area is doing alright. We are still in the finding stage but really haven't had as much time to find because of all the things that have been going on the past few weeks. On Thursday we get to go see Far West and Adam-ondi-ahman so that will take most of the day. I'm so excited! I'm pretty sure I've seen them before on the back east trip but, that was so long ago I can't really remember.

     We had a good lesson with the Burchs on Wednesday and kind of just talked about where they were at at this point because a lot has changed in the past two months. They talked about how they know what they need to do and that the temple is the goal but it is just going to take some time and softening of their hearts, especially John's. He still won't pray because he knows if he does that Heavenly Father is going to tell him it's time for him to come back. He's kind of a stubborn one! I have faith though that they will come all the way back with time. They came to church again on Sunday so that's 3 Sundays now! :)

     All throughout the mission, something that I've learned time and time again, is how important going to church, praying, and reading the scriptures are. In the mission we abbreviate it to CPR. If our investigators are doing these 3 things, then they are considered progressing investigators. I know this is also true with us. If we want to continue to progress in the gospel, we need to be doing these 3 things. They will spiritually keep us alive! Sister Sommer and I are really trying to focus on this this transfer. We want everyone that we are teaching (investigators, recent converts, and less actives) to be doing these things consistently. I think sometimes Satan wants us to feel that skipping these things from time to time is completely okay. If he can make us think this, slowly the habits we once formed disappear and we begin to cut off our spiritual "life line".
     Well, I love you all so very much! I can't tell you how grateful I am for your constant support and love. You guys are the best!
love always,
             Hermana Jorgensen

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