Friday, December 13, 2013

Still in Jail and loving it :)

November 12,2013

My dearest fam and friends….

My goodness, I have so much I want to write about this week but we really don't have very much time because we went to Kansas City this morning for one of the sister's birthdays. Speaking of birthdays, happy happy birthday to dad and Gabby Gabby!

     So, I have wonderful news, we invited Darla to be baptized and she said yes! :) I really don't know if I've told you too much about her, but we have been meeting with her for about three weeks. She use to meet with missionaries before and then moved. Our elders in our ward tracted into her and referred her to us. There are still many things we need to help her work through, but we are so excited for her!

     We also took Lhaylla (the foreign exchange student from Brazil) to the Visitor Center in Independence this week and she LOVED it! We went through a presentation there called God's Plan, which is all about families and the temple and Lhaylla was in tears by the end of it. At the end, the sisters that were taking us through asked her if she had ever thought about baptism before. At first when they asked, I was thinking oh shoot because her host family doesn't want us to push it on her too fast, but I actually think it was a really good thing they asked her. It was the perfect place because she was feeling the spirit and her heart was touched. She said that she has thought about it but probably wouldn't be able to get baptized until she went back to Brazil because of regulations with her program. We had already talked to her host parents though and they said they think she can with her parents permission, so who knows, we'll see. All I know is if she doesn't get baptized here, she will in Brazil when she gets home, which will be the end of May or beginning of June! Guess how perfect that is, I get home the beginning of June! We could make a trip out of it! ;) I'm kind of kidding, but seriously, how cool would that be!?

     One of the biggest tender mercies we saw this week was on Saturday. JOHN BURCH PRAYED!!! We have been inviting him to pray pretty much the entire time we've been working with him. He kept saying he wasn't ready, because he knew if he did that Heavenly Father would tell him it was time for him to come back to church. Yes, he is kind of a stubborn one and I love it! So, on Saturday we went over to their house and watched the Testaments and afterwards we shared our thoughts about the movies. Lisa talked about how one of the characters was such an example of being steady and enduring to the end and how that is how she wants to be. She also leaned over to John and said, "How cool would it be if you held the Melchizedek Priesthood?!". This woman is so so ready. She's all in. Anyways, at the end of the lesson, we asked how their prayers were going and Lisa said she was doing great but John said he still hadn't prayed. This time though, he said that he knows he needs to start praying soon because their family really needs it. We asked him who he would want to say the closing prayer and as he was trying to decide I told him he needed to say it. Lisa, Sister Sommer, and I all bowed our heads and just waited for him and then he prayed! :) Oh happy day! You have no idea how happy I was. I wish I could describe. I really don't think I have been this happy ever. We left and as I was driving home, tears were streaming down my face. Pure joy! I love these two so much, like so so so much. I know that I was called to come here for them. They came to church again this week and even stayed for two hours which is an improvement! They are on their way to the temple in only a matter of time! It has been such an incredible experience to be able to watch them progress these past 3 months. Their hearts have softened and changed. I know this is because of our Savior. He has the power to heal and mend broken hearts.
     I love my Savior and know that He lives. I know that He is at the head of this work and that these tender mercies come from Him and our Father in Heaven. Look for the tender mercies our Heavenly Father gives you this week! I love you all so very much! XOXOX
love always:
              Hermana Jorgensen

Oh and p.s. please give Jules a big squeeze for me! I sure do love that girl! Make sure to take lots of pics so I can see her! Who am I kidding, between Jody and Heidi we are sure to have some! :) haha LOVE YOU GUYS!

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