Friday, December 13, 2013

It's my birthday, can you believe it?

November 25,2013

My dearest fam and friends,

Boy am I one blessed girl! You guys are the best! I could feel your love yesterday! I seriously had such a wonderful birthday! I was spoiled rotten here! It started the night before when Brother Kesler brought me flowers and a card. Then, the next morning, Sister Stevenson brought the most delicious chocolate bunt cake I've ever tasted! That night we had dinner with the MacDonalds, Burchs and Wheelers (3 of my 5 top fams in this ward). Dad, you would definitely have approved of the party, over 20 people and full of fun. I felt like I was at Sunday dinner with the fam. All of these people have become my mission families. I love them to pieces! So, it was more of like a birthday weekend and it ended just a few hours ago after Sister Sommer and I went and got pedicures with Sister Stevenson and then the Stevensons took us out for Thai food. I was completely spoiled, end of story! I have met some of the greatest people on the mission.
As for the rest of the week, Sister Sommer was sick for about three of the days and the jail has been pretty slow, so in the beginning of the week I was going nuts because I felt like we weren't doing much. It picked up a little bit more at the end though.

Miracles of the week:
- Sister Sommer and I had a lesson with Lhaylla on Wednesday about baptism, the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. At the end of the lesson, we invited her to be baptized and she said, "of course!" (in a no duh kind of way). This girl is the definition of prepared. We are hoping she'll be able to get baptized in the next month but they are still checking with the program so we will have to see. I just want to know now, but this is teaching me patience! We also watched the Testaments with her on Saturday in Portuguese. Never thought I'd be doing that on the mission!
- Two miracles happened on Saturday night at the jail. The elders in our ward brought their investigator Steven and his daughter Audrey to the jail and we got to take them through. The spirit was so strong, and at the end, we were all sitting facing the jail, and the elders asked Steven if he knew Joseph Smith was a prophet and Steven said yes. They then invited him to be baptized and he said yes! :)
- Also on Saturday, we got a chat from a girl named Tina. I don't even think I've told you guys about chat. So, for 2 hours of our 6 hour shift we get to make phone calls and answer chats from people who get on It's actually pretty cool. Sometimes we get people who just come on messing around, but other times we get people who are awesome like Tina. So, Tina's family has been meeting with missionaries. Her parents aren't really interested but she knows it's true and came on to chat to find out more. How prepared is she! We only got to chat with her for a little bit but we got her email and were going to start emailing her. She is going to try and talk to her family this week and express to them how she feels about the church. Were excited to keep in contact with her.
- Lastly, the Burchs, their son, his girlfriend, his friend, and his friend's daughter all came to church on Sunday! Lisa was beaming! She loved having her family with her. They are all visiting from Wisconsin for Thanksgiving, so they'll be here all week. Their son is a member but his girlfriend and friend aren't. They came to the MacDonald's last night and we shared a message there and Lisa wants us to come over this week.

Well, I love you all so much! I'm so grateful for your love and support. I feel it a few thousand miles away. Have a wonderful week! Happy Thanksgiving! XOXOX
love always,

         Hermana Jorgensen

1. Here was the start of my wonderful birthday! Bro and Sis Kesler dropped these off Saturday night. How sweet are they?! I love them!
2. Then Sis Stevenson made me this delicious chocolate bunt cake :) So yummy!

1. Alma made me a cake! I love this boy! We went to the MacDonalds for dinner/ a little bday party. The Burchs and the Wheelers (our ward mission leader who I love) came too.
2. John and Lisa :)

Then, we had a little party at the very end of the day with all the sister I live with! Yes mom, we used all the bday stuff you sent me :)

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