Sunday, January 13, 2013

Our First Letter from the MTC

Hermana Jorgensen's first email from the MTC


Seriously, thank you so much for all the letters this week! Our district leaders get our mail each week and you have no idea how great it feels to get a letter. So, the first few days I was here were extremely hard. I honestly kept questioning why I was here and what I was doing (don't worry, these were normal thoughts because I talked to other people and they said everyone feels this way). I just kept thinking this is going to be the longest 18 months ever! Ever since Sunday though it has felt totally different. Each day feels like it is never going to end but then I look back at this week and it hasn't felt too long. Time here is really weird!
 I also thought it was going to be hard being so close to BYU and all my friends but not getting to see them but I don't even feel like I'm in Provo. Anyways, my district has 6 hermanas and 2 elders. Everyone keeps walking by our classroom and then they stop to comment about how they have never seen so many girls in a district. I guess districts are usually all boys or maybe a few sisters. The masses of sisters are coming in! We have two girls in my district who are 19. Which reminds me..... ASHY YOUR PAPERS ARE IN!!! YAY! I'm so excited for you! Do we know when your call will be here or what day you are thinking of opening it??? 
The MTC is so neat because there are almost 2500 people here unified in one purpose. One of my favorite things here is when all of the missionaries are in one room singing Called to Serve. The spirit is so strong! In my district, I am the only one going to Independence. Two girls are going to L.A., three girls and one elder are going to Argentina, and then another boy is going to Sacramento. My companion is going to Bahia Blanca, Argentina. I love her! I seriously am so lucky! We are pretty similar and in areas that we aren't the same, we compliment each other. So far, we haven't had any problems and I really don't anticipate any in the future. She's from Buffulo, NY and is a senior at BYU. Her spanish is definitely better than mine because she's been taking it since 5th grade, but it's great because we are able to come up with sentences in spanish when we teach our lessons.
 So far we have taught five thirty minute lessons ALL IN SPANISH. Can you believe it?! We started teaching on friday and our first lesson was pretty much a train wreck! Our "investigator" is actually a teacher here but is pretending to be someone that she taught on her mission. Our lessons got progressively better not necessarily because of our Spanish, but because we have learned how to bring, listen, and teach by the spirit. Our first day here, our teacher kept stressing to us how important it was to teach by the spirit. Before our first lesson I was really stressed about the Spanish so I tried to memorize phrases and made a strict lesson plan. Through these five teaching experiences, I have really come to know what they mean when they say that the spirit is the true teacher. It is more important to listen to your investigator and with the spirit, create your lesson to their needs. I have stopped memorizing exact lines and have just began to study vocab that may be used in the lesson.  Although I know some of my sentences don't always make sense, I focus more on listening to the spirit and speaking from my heart. We learned how to pray and bear our testimonies in Spanish this past week and are continuing to learn much espanol cada dia. (has Rossetta Stone taught you those words mama?! haha). 
Each hour of your day is planned out here. I have learned how much I can get done in a day. There is seriously NO TIME to even read letters some days and now I am beginning to understand why it would take my friends who are on missions so long to write back. Bummer, my time is running out! Just know that I love you guys so much and that I am adjusting well to being a missionary!
Love Always:
             Hermana Lexi Annmarie Jorgensen

1. So I know this is terrible quality, but Trev(Elder  Montgomery) and I wanted to show you guys that we sat a row a part in a huge room full of new missionaries on the first day at it was a complete accident! So great to see him!

2. The girls in my district! We all share a room together and they are all so sweet and fun! I got so lucky to be with such incredible people!

 3. I seriously see Joe(Elder Woodbury) everywhere! (we run into each other at least twice a day) And I've seen Trevor about three times this past week as well. Love seeing people from home! It's the best!

                                                   4. My whole district at the temple. 

5. My companion (Hermana Miner) and I at the temple during our Sunday walk. It was FREEZING cold!

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