Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fire Alarm Calls Again


Gosh, I love you guys so much! As I'm writing this I can't help but think that you guys are probably enjoying yourselves in LONDON right now! Lucky ducks! Who all went??? I thought it was just going to be dad, Ashy, and Preston but mom keeps writing me letters and it sounds like she might have gone too. I'm sure Aubs definitely didn't go but who knows with her new phone now she's all grown up! Just one year away from dating! hahaha (kill us all!) Aubsy, my baby, how are you liking MY phone? Everyone keeps telling me that you're a texting maniac. I'm sure you use it more than I did! Preston, thanks so much for your letters bud! You have no idea how much they mean to me! I love seeing that they're from you each time I open them! Okay, so let's talk about Ashy's call!!! Is it here???? You guys better dear elder me the day she gets it because I don't want to wait until next thursday! Also, you guys should send me some pics of London and Ashy with her call/ possibly a video! I can't believe I'm missing it!

Anyways, it wouldn't be a fun week at the MTC if we didn't have to wake up in the middle of the night and evacuate to the gym in the FREEZING cold! Yes, this happened again! Two weeks in a row! Apparently, the pipes in the basement are freezing or something and somehow that sets off the alarms. 

As I'm sure you saw a picture, I got to see JEFF this week! It was no mere coincidence! It was such a tender mercy! I was caught kind of off guard but that day was just kind of a hard day and seeing him made me so happy! I love you JEFF! 

This week has just been more spanish and more learning the lessons from Preach My Gospel. I think that slowly but surely my spanish is improving (or at least I sure hope so!). We finished teaching our first "investigator" this week and have gotten two more. Their names are Cristina y Fernando (our teachers are playing people that they taught on their mission). Fernando is from Ecuador so it has been fun to connect with him on that level! This is random, but speaking of Ecuador, my teacher Hermana Powell (who I adore) went with OSSO to Cuenca before her mission! How neat is that! It's such a small world! Back to the investigators..... This time around, we are going to try different approaches to how and what we teach them so that we can find a way that works best for them.  I love our "investigators" so much and I can't imagine how it feels to be out in the field with real people. After we finished teaching Andrea (our first investigator) last week, our teacher showed us pictures of the real Andrea with her family at the temple and I nearly broke down in tears. I grew to love her and care about her in a way that I have never exactly felt before. It is amazing how much your love can grow for someone as you pray for charity. It makes me think of a talk that was given in this past General Conference by President Monson about seeing people as they may become. He talked about a missionary seeing his investigators all in white and about to enter into the waters of baptism. The missionary said once he thought about them in this way, his love for them changed. He saw them as God and Christ saw them. I know I haven't experienced this yet, but I have had glimpse of what it must be like and I know this is the reason missionaries say, although it was a hard year and a half, I have never felt so happy. 

Here at the MTC, we had a really special treat at our Tuesday night devotional. ELDER HOLLAND came! As he entered into the room, we all stood up in silence, and the spirit was so powerful. He is my favorite apostle (I don't know if that's allowed), but I love him. He is truly an apostle of the Lord and he brought such a strong and bold message to us. He said, "there could be a better time to be involved in missionary work, but I don't know when  that would be.". He said that we need to be the best missionaries the church has had because the world, the church, and the heavens are counting on us. He also said we need to be a better missionary than he was. WHAT! How is that even possible?! It is a scary overwhelming thought but also exciting and motivating. 

I'm running of time! I just want you guys to know that I love you so much and I couldn't ask for a better support system. Ashy, I'll be there in spirit this week as you open your call! Mom and Dad, thanks for your constant support and comfort in your letters. You have no idea how much they help me. I know that this church is true with all my heart, if I didn't I wouldn't be out here doing this. I am so excited to serve the Lord. It is such a privilege and honor to wear His name under mine. Yo se que Jesucristo es mi Salvador y mi amigo y hermano. Yo se que esta es Su Evangelio. Yo se que Dios ama todos sus hijos. LES AMO MUCHO MUCHO! LOVE YOU GUYS!

Hermana Jorgensen

1. Yes, the fire alarm went off again this week! Wasn't as funny this time! It started at 12:30 so we evacuated to the gym and this time I was smart and brought my pillow so that I could sleep for the hour we had to wait in there. Oh, the good times we have at the MTC! hahah

2. We got to escape to the real world for the first time (besides our temple walks)! This week I had a really bad head cold and so my teacher made us go to the BYU Health Center. Don't worry Mama, nothing serious at all, this is just protocol because there are so many missionaries here and they don't want things like that to spread.


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