Monday, January 28, 2013


OH MY GOODNESS ASHY I am so excited for you! This whole last week I have been having dreams about you opening your call and I got to be there! So although I wasn't able to be there (which killed me), I got to cry and hug you in my dreams so it felt okay. For some reason, I kept dreaming that you were going to Brazil and I was convinced that you were but I just wanted you to speak SPANISH and you are :) I'm thinkin we are a stateside spanish kinda family! I am sersiously so proud of you! I can't wait for you to come! It is going to be incredible to be able to share this experience together and speak spanish! Although we are in different parts of the country, we will be teaching the same people. I opened your letter on Tuesday night at dinner and tears streamed down my face as I read where you are going. I looked like a complete idiot! Ashy, I know that whom the Lord calls He qualifies if we humble ourselves and realize it isn't our mission but His. I know that we are called to specific places for a reason, and although I don't know exactly who I am going to meet yet, I know that I promised these people I would find them in the preexistance. My heart is full of love for these people I haven't even met yet! I just can't wait for you to be here!

Well, this week has honestly been quite hard and long. I was pretty surprised the first two weeks at how capable I was to keep it all together. Everyone was emotional the first week or so and I really hadn't cried once. This week was definitely different than the other two. I feel like the first two weeks I was just trying to take it all in and there were so many new changes, I wasn't thinking about home or you guys too much. I have been so homesick this week! I think it was a mixture of knowing that Ashy was getting her call and I was missing it and we didn't get mail on Sat. through Mon., which sounds pathetic that that made a difference, but it did. I guess it just kind of hit me this week that this mission is going to be for a while. But, don't think that I'm not enjoying the journey! I am loving it here. It's a good hard, the kind of hard that pushes you and makes you grow. I have realized as a missionary you will never feel completely adequete even if I learn the language. I am on the Lord's time and I am doing His work and because of this I need to never get comfortable with my efforts but I need to always be striving to be better.

 One of our investigators isn't really progressing much. I was completely frustrated because she hasn't been keeping any of her commitments. I've been learning a lot from this experience though. Each investigator is different and so our approach to teach them needs to be individualized and personalized to their needs. It is forcing my companion and I to really rely on the Lord to know what will touch her heart and what she really needs. We have been fasting and praying for her to know how best we can help her. Missionary work is a truly humbling experience. Just when you think you are sort of getting it down, the Lord helps to show you that He needs you to try harder. Although she is just my teacher, it is amazing the lessons we are learning from teaching her. I can not wait to get out in the field and meet the people that I have been called to serve. I know that the Lord is in the details of our lives and He will go to great lengths to help His children. I am so grateful for the temple. 

My heart has been heavy this week, and as I went to the temple I was able to feel this sweet peace and spirit. This week Elder Evans of the seventy came to talk to us. He talked about having faith and the miracles each of us will see on our missions. He shared Mosiah 18:30 with us and he said each time it says Mormon put in your mission. " And now it came to pass that all this was in (Independence) beautiful are they to the eyes of them who there came to the knowledge of their Redeemer, and how blessed are they, for they shall sing to his praise forever." He talked about how it wasn't so much about where we were going that would make that place so special to us, but what happened there. He said our missions will forever be dear to us because it is there that will come to know our Savior. I loved this! I just want you guys to know that I know this church is true with all my heart. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to share this good news with others. Yo se que Jesucristo es mi Salvador. I know that He lives and that this is His work. I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!
You guys can share what you want of this to others. I didn't want to lie and not tell you how I was truly feeling, but don't worry I am doing good! We wouldn't grow if we didn't struggle a little bit right! I miss you guys like crazy! WRITE ME!!!!!!! 

Hermana Jorgensen

This is like an hour after I got Ashy's letter! I found Trev in our Tuesday night devotional and we got a picture with the letter! AHHHHH I'm so excited for you Ashboy! 

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