Sunday, September 29, 2013


September 17, 2013

  I wish I could say that I had a million funny stories like Ashy's past week, but I feel like most of my crazy stories have ceased to happen since I left Kaw River. I mean, there definitely still are moments when Sister Rackham and I look at each other and are both just thinking, "I cannot believe we are here. This is so awkward.", but that's just the life of a missionary. There are some days when I miss Kaw River, like yesterday when I took a family through the jail that were in my last ward, but then at the same time, I love being in a ward that is more stable and functioning. I have really gotten to experience the best of both worlds so far! I'm so blessed!

     So, as for notable things that happen this week...... We started teaching a lady named Leslie. I don't know if I told you about her last week, but we met her last week and since then we've had two lessons with her. Actually, the way we met her was pretty funny. We received a referral from a family in our ward and they told us that a lot of other families in the ward also knew this family. They told us they lived across the street from the Jones (another family that lives in our ward). So, Sister Rackham and I went to the house across the street from the Jones and asked if they were the Knuths and Leslie said, "No, but my husband does." We were a little confused, but started asking her if she knew the families in our ward that had referred her. She had no idea who any of them were but we kept going and eventually got a return appointment. At the very end of the conversation, we realized there were canoes outside their house. She thought we had asked if they canoed and that's why she said her husband does. HAHA Oh well, we got a new investigator out of the mix-up. I'm actually always really tempted to just knock on doors and ask if random people are there because it's always less awkward and breaks the ice, but Sister Rackham reminds me that that would be dishonest. I love that girl! So anyway, our lessons with Leslie have been great! She's very prepared and has been reading the Book of Mormon so were excited.

     We met with the Burchs again this week and watched the Joseph Smith movie at the jail. They both loved it and afterward we talked about them coming back to church. We asked John if he had prayed about it and he said he still hasn't. We asked him if he hadn't because he was afraid that Heavenly Father was going to give him an answer that he didn't want, and he said yes. They know they need to come back and it is only a matter of time. Sister Rackham and I just want that time to speed up! We want to see these two get to the temple! They truly are making progress though and when they haven't seen us in almost a week they always say it feels like something is missing. Love them!

     Oh also, it was the 50th Anniversary of the dedication of the jail this past Sunday! We didn't do anything huge to celebrate because were waiting for next month when Elder Ballard (yes, a member of the 12 :D) is going to come and speak! Were also going to have Alex Baugh and Susan Black (remember how I took a class about J.S. history from her) come and give lectures on the history here since they're professional. It's going to be so fun! So, on Sunday we decided to all come back to the jail at 9 and sing some hymns. Oh, what an incredible experience! We sang Praise to the Man and I was completely in tears. The spirit was so powerful. I seriously felt like the prophet was there in spirit to hear us sing to him. I have never felt the spirit confirm to me that Joseph was a prophet of God like I did on Sunday night. I will forever be grateful for his willing sacrifice to do all that our Heavenly Father asked him to do while here in this mortal life. Praise to the man who communed with Jehovah!

      I love you all so much! I am seriously the luckiest missionary ever! You are all so supportive and I can feel your love just a few miles away! LOVE YOU! XOXOXO
con mucho amor,
                          Hermanita Jorgensen

We decided to dress up like the elders.  Just missing the ties :)

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