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We had a great Thanksgiving

December 2, 2013

My dearest fam and friends!
     It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! :) Actually, not really here yet. Thank goodness! We all know how much I love the cold and snow. I think it would be perfect if the snow would like to come Christmas Eve. Hopefully! The past few days the weather has been beautiful but people keep telling us there's going to be a storm and snow this week. Everyone has their trees and Christmas decorations up though and I can honestly say that between that and Thanksgiving I have been a teeny bit homesick which is so weird because I've really been fine the whole mission with it. I do fine when I don't think about what you guys might be doing or all of our traditions. There's always next year though and I know it's a blessings to be out serving the Lord at this time of year.

     Let's see, some of the highlights of the week......
- We had 3 Thanksgiving dinners! That's never happened before!  We went to the Gales and they had two other families in our ward over. It seriously felt like when our family gets together with some of the wonderful families in our ward and I loved it. Lhaylla was there. We found out some bad news. Her program won't allow her to get baptized here so she'll have to wait until she gets back to Brazil in May or June. :( We are still going to teach her once a week for now so that she can continue to learn and progress so she'll be so ready when she gets back to Brazil. We should make a trip of it! It's just too perfect, I get home then, and the world cup is there during the summer right? We have plenty of time to discuss it! :)

- We finally got to see Sabrina and her kids and we got to teach them the entire first lesson about the Restoration! We have an appointment with them this Saturday and are very excited!

- On a little happy note, we went over to the Burchs twice this week and got to share messages to the whole family. Lauren (their son's friend) told us that after she went to church, she came home and cried because she hadn't been to church in years and it felt so good. It has been so neat to see the Lord work in their lives. It was so perfect for their kids to come down because we got to teach them and Lisa bore her powerful testimony to them. I know this was all part of God's plan for them to help them progress. We also taught them the Word of Wisdom last week and Lisa and John and doing good with everything but coffee. Oh, how love them! I have never loved anybody so much on the mission. They are so special to me. I know I will be a complete cry baby when one day I get to see them be sealed in the temple. It's incredible how much you can love people!
- Yesterday was the 175th anniversary of when Joseph and the other men entered the Liberty Jail and I got to be there! :)
     Well, I love you all so much! I'm glad Thanksgiving was wonderful! As we begin this Christmas Season, let us remember the real meaning of Christmas. I will forever ever be grateful for my Savior, who came into the world to fulfill the will of His father. May we all do the same!
Love Always,
          Hermana Alexis Jorgensen

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