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I think my days at the jail are numbered...

December 17,2013

My dearest fam and friends,
     My goodness is time just flying by! I cannot believe it's almost Christmas time! You know what that means.... skyping!!! :) I am so so so excited! I really felt like Christmas was last night because we had a little party at the jail, had a little gift exchange, and got letters and packages from home. I had 4 packages and so many fun Christmas cards! It was the best! Don't worry mom, I didn't open the presents, just the box!
     Oh, I love Christmas on the mission! On Wednesday we had an all mission conference/ Christmas program and it was so great. I got to see Sister Rackham!!! :) I just love her! We haven't seen each other for about 2 months which is a really long time considering we spent every second of everyday together! She is just a bundle of joy! I have truly been blessed with incredible companions! Not to say every companionship has been a walk in the park, but I do love them all.


- Let's see, we had a miracle on chat this week. First off, I got to talk to someone from Rwanda which was so fun since it's right next to Uganda! Then, right after that chat, someone got on from Peru and I got to use some of my Spanish! My companion doesn't know any Spanish so it was all me. Let me tell you, my Spanish is probably about where it was at when I left the MTC so it was a little bit of a struggle, but  I was surprised at how much I could understand and remember. Thank goodness for the spirit! We were able to send missionaries and a Book of Mormon to him and he gave me his email so I'm going to email him this week and follow up. Chatting is the coolest! It has truly strengthened my testimony that the Lord is preparing the hearts of His people everywhere.

- Lesson learned this week.... don't invite an 8 and 10 year old to be the fellowships for the Law of Chastity lesson! haha So, we taught Lhaylla the Law of Chastity this week. We were trying to get a girl in her Laurels class to come but she had to work so we texted one of the Gale boys (the family she lives with) to see if he could be there. He texted us back saying he had a hot date that night but we didn't get that until right before the lesson. Long story short, we didn't really have anyone to be there with us. We decided we were just going to do it without a fellowship, but when we got there, the two younger kids were so excited and wanted to be a part of the lesson. Brindi (she's 10) has loved being a part of all the lessons! So, we decided to just start teaching. I won't go into detail about all that happen, but just know it was hilarious! As they were driving us home that night, Lhaylla started singing a song, but then stopped herself and said, "Babylon!". We just looked at her and started busting up laughing! She had heard us say it previously I guess (we say it whenever a missionary starts singing a song from our previous life:) ). I think it was just one of those moments where you had to be there!

- Lastly, a little update about the Burchs! They came to all 3 hours again and said they are ready to meet with the Bishop. This is huge! :) We also talked to John about receiving the Melchizedek priesthood and he said, " I'm not ready yet, but I'm getting there.". Oh my word, YAY! A few months ago, he would just roll his eyes or tried to change the conversations. We also talked about a temple date for them to set as a goal to go do baptisms. They are thinking either Febuary 7th (that's when Lisa's brother died who they want do work for) or on March 7th (Lisa's birthday). Can you believe it?! They'll be going to the temple! :)

     So, I'm pretty sure my time here in Liberty is coming to an end. Transfers are in two days and we find out tonight what is happening. I've been here for 4 transfers and that's typically the longest missionaries ever get to serve at the jail. I've definitely had mixed emotions but I'm excited for wherever and whatever Heavenly Father wants me to go/do next. I have thought a lot about the lessons I have learned here and my heart is so full of gratitude for the sacred time I have had to serve in the Liberty Jail and in the Liberty 1st ward. I love this place and these people so much and I know it has been such a privilege to serve here. I could name a bajillion things I have learned while I've been here, but I just want to focus on one, and that is that Jesus is the Christ. Day after day, I have been able to testify of Him and His infinite atonement and every time I have, the spirit rushes in to confirm to me that He lives. I know that because He lives, His spirit has the ability to soften our hearts and change us and that through the enabling power of His atonement we can become more than we ever could by ourselves. I have seen that in myself and those I have had the privilege to serve here. I love this gospel and know that it is real. That it is the only thing that will bring us true happiness in this life.
I love you all so very much!

love always,
        Hermana Jorgensen

1. Our Jail Christmas party!  (Senior couples and sisters who serve at the Liberty Jail)

2. Having FHE with Lhaylla and the Gales :) love them!

1. They brought me a banana cream pie as a goodbye present :)

2. Mom, Dad, and Ashy.... Remeber her?! This is the Sillitoes cousin and their family was good friends with the Laskos!

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