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Independence 1st Ward :)

December 24,2013

Independence 1st Ward :)

My dearest fam and friends! :)
     I feel like the most loved missionary out here! Seriously! I am so grateful for all of you! I can't even begin to tell you how much your love and support has helped me throughout the mission and especially during this holiday season! You guys are the best!

     Alright, so the biggest news of the week! Drum roll please..... I got transferred! It has been such a bitter sweet week! I love Liberty so much and I already miss the jail and the people, but I knew it was my time. The transfer before last, I prayed that I could stay just one more and Heavenly Father let me and I feel so blessed. I felt at peace at transfers this time because I knew my time there was complete. My last night there was incredible! We ate dinner at the MacDonalds with the Burchs and then afterward had a testimony meeting, which pretty much ended up having all of us in tears. Man, do I love them to pieces! Both John and Lisa bore their testimonies and it was incredible! The spirit was so strong! John talked about how he hopes he is changing and Lisa told an amazing story about their decision to move here. She said that when they first joined the church, she told John that they would move to Zion when the Lord called them there. Years and years past and they felt that they were suppose to move here so they did. She talked about how the reason the Lord had called them here at this time was to meet us and to get back into the church. How cool is that! They are so going to the temple in the next few months and this girl is going to be there with them! :D

     So, my new home is Independence! I'm serving in Zion! :) I'm in the Independence 1st ward and also serving at the Visitor Center. I already absolutely love my ward! They are the sweetest! Over half are from Samoa and Tonga! :) Random, huh! I remember being in the MTC and someone told me that there were a ton of Polynesians in Independence and I thought it was the most random thing and now I'm serving in a primarily dominated Polynesian ward! Never ever did I think my mission would consist of an English, Spanish, and then Polynesian ward! I feel truly blessed! There is such a special feeling here in Independence. Yes, there are a ton of crazies, but you can feel of the sacrifice that the earlier saints made to establish Zion. I cannot wait for you guys to come!

     This is so random, but there's a lady in my new ward that reminds me so much of Jody Jeppsen and it makes me miss her so much! She comes out with us all the time so I feel like I'm with Jody a lot! It's the best! Also, an Elder gave his homecoming talk in our ward this weekend and guess where he served?! Las Vegas! He said he served in the Eldorado Valley Stake, so we got to talking and it turns out he taught The Macayos ! How crazy is that?!

     Well, I don't really get very much time emailing today because the library is closed so we had to come to the Visitor Center and we only get an hour here. I am super excited though to get to skype tomorrow! :) Best Christmas present ever! I love you guys all so much! Merry Merry Christmas!

love always,
              Hermana Jorgensen

1. My new comp. Sister Heylen (my first comp that's taller than me!), Valerie (our crazy funny investigator who's getting baptized in January!), and our sweet member Sister Faletau (who reminds me of Jody!).

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