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I am in LOVE with this city!

July 16, 3013

Hello my beautiful familia!
     Let me just start off by saying I am in the cutest town ever! So, yes, I did get transferred and surprisingly I'm wasn't too sad. I mean I was a little bit nervous to come to a new area, with a new companion, and all that, because I really got comfortable in Kaw River. But hey,major growth can't occur when we are comfortable,so the Lord knew it was time for me to take on a new adventure. So, as of Thursday, I am here in Liberty, MO. I am so so blessed! You have no idea! Not every sister gets to serve here. We typically have between 6 and 8 sisters here compared to the 18 they have at the Visitors Center in Independence. The very first day I got to the mission, when we were doing our tour with the new missionaries and Pres. and Sis. Keyes, I just had an incredible experience as I went through the Liberty Jail and I knew I was going to one day serve here. And so, here I am and I am oh so happy!

    First off, this town is the CUTEST! Seriously, like every other house here is over 100 years old. It is so historical. We go running every morning and I just want to bring my camera because the houses are so darn cute. There's a farmer's market on the square every Wednesday and Saturday and they sale fresh fruit and veggies, and the Amish come with some amazing homemade bread and jam! Mom and Dad, you would LOVE it! When we come back next summer we are spending a day here for sure! So, we live right downtown. Our house is actually on the same property as the jail. All 8 of us live in it and it's super great because when we are on shift at the jail we can just walk over.

     My companion is wonderful! I love her so much! She's from, drum roll please.......WISCONSIN!   She lived in White Fish Bay (small town on the north shore of Milwaukee). Dad, do you know where that it? So her family actually moved to Orem about a year ago, but she lived there for about 15 years. How fun is this?! So we have had some good talks about Culvers, cheese curds, corn, and also the gospel! :) But, she is seriously so great. Goes to BYU, went to Jerusalem, just such a great person. She inspires me to want to be such a better missionary and person. God is so aware of us, that's all I can say! So, technically I'm finishing train her for her last 6 weeks, but it just doesn't feel that way at all. She teaches me so much every single day. Moral of the story, I am blessed!

     So, let's talk about the historic liberty jail! I have met so so many people. We typically average at about 300 people a day at least. Last week, they had over 600 come in one day. We are so busy busy! Like seriously, in a 6 hour shift, I do not sit down like once. I'll take a tour, then be done, come back, and take another. Because it's busy season, we have had to start taking solo tours very quickly. Yesterday was my first day taking tours completely by myself. They went pretty well for a first time. So we start out in the history room and talk about the history of the jail and the saints in Missouri at the time. We do that for about 10 to 15 min and then we go into the rotunda where the jail is and we finish the tour there. So, in total it's about a 35 to 45 min tour. I have met people from Tahiti, a lady came in from Thailand, and a family came from Enterprise. They said that Uncle Tom's their dentist! haha I was afraid that the transition from being full proselyting to being in a VC would be hard, but I actually really love it. I feel like this is so fulfilling. Never in a 6 hour period of time do I get to bear testimony as often as I get to here. And although most of them are members, I feel like member or non member, every single person needs to be strengthened on their personal journey towards our Savior. We do have non members come in though and it's great. Yesterday, I gave out 3 Books of Mormon and it was a really neat experience. The spirit is so incredibly strong here that people cannot escape it. My testimony of the prophet Jospeh Smith has grown leaps and bounds just in the past four or five days as I have been here. Oh, and another sweet thing is it's the 50th anniversary of the center this September, so I think they're going to do something cool for it! Such a great time to be here!
     In closing, a little spiritual thought for the week.... Thus far, I have loved being at the jail and I have been thinking a lot about what the Lord would have us learn from this experience. One of the things I've thought about is how, we all go through our own "liberty jail" moments, where we feel trapped, depressed, or dark, where we feel that the Lord isn't there. I mean even a prophet of God felt this way. But, as Joseph endured it  well, he was refined and we received three sections of the Doctrine and Covenants (121-123).  I love you guys so so much! I'm so glad Aubsy had fun at camp! You're so big! And Pressy with the BAMS! Sounds so fun! LOVE YOU GUYS MUCHO! XOXOXO
love always:
      Hermanita Jorgensen (numero uno)

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