Friday, July 19, 2013

Probably my last week in Kaw River

July 8, 2013

     HOLY HUMIDITY! Jana, now I understand what you mean about summers here! I keep talking to everyone here and they keep saying, "You haven't seen nothing yet." What in the world! Are you serious?! I am literally walking and sweat is just dripping down my legs! It's so gross, but at the same time I kind of like it because people feel bad for us and let us in! haha And these bugs! I think they're called chiggers. I thought they were a huge joke, but NO! These little guys are for real! Anyway, I loved your guys emails this week and all the pics! Wisconsin looked so FUN, like always! Jen Jen, thank you so much for the package! So yummy! And yes, cheerio bars already gone! haha Seriously have the best family ever!

     So, this week was a finding week! I feel like that has just been the theme of this transfer. In the beginning we had a lot more investigators, but quite honestly they weren't progressing. So that's why, progressively throughout this transfer, our investigators have become less and less. But, GOOD NEWS, we found some incredible people this week! Of course, they all speak Spanish, but that's just kind of how it is here. We met a great family one night as we were walking home in the rain. It had been a long day, full of a TON of walking, sweating, and not really finding. We couldn't believe it was raining, because hours before it was about 90 degrees with what felt like 100% humidity! But, it was, and we weren't prepared for it either. So we are just soaked and starting to get down, but I refused to let that happen (you'd be proud of me mom, I'm working so hard to be a positive person:) ), so I just started singing called to serve in Spanish and Sister Wuebkes was just looking over at me like, "Hermana, you are so weird!" , but by the end we were laughing and in better spirits. I have truly learned here, that life isn't always going to go exactly how you think it is, in fact in missionary work, it's pretty much a miracle if everything in your day goes according to schedule. It just never happens! We can't always choose what happens, but we can choose how we are going to handle what we are given. I have really worked hard on having a positive mental attitude! That doesn't mean I don't get sad, bummed, upset, etc. I am just trying harder to look at the great things that happen each day, because the fact is, a mission is HARD. Things fall through EVERY single day because people have their agency, but if we are completely negative, we can't have the spirit, and therefore we can't do this work. Anyway, enough of my insights, back to the family we found! They are from Mexico, it was a mom, dad, and their 13 year old son. They are so great! We taught about the restoration and book of Mormon on their porch and we are going back on Wednesday!
     We also taught a lady yesterday, Rosa, and she is wonderful. I felt like we needed to stop and talk to her as we were walking to one of our appointments. She started talking to us about her family and apparently she has a daughter who is a member! YAY! And, she had missionaries in Mexico once but one they were transferred, I guess no one went back to visit her. So, moral of the story, she's great! A huge potential! We are going back Tuesday!

     Goodness, I never have enough time to write everything I want to in this email. Just know that I love you guys, that I'm happy, and that I know this gospel is true. We are so incredibly blessed to have this knowledge! LOVE YOU! XOXOXO MUAH!

Love Always,
         tu hermanita jorgensen
Trying to stay happy and positive while tracking in the rain! I don't know if you can see it, but there was a huge rainbow in the background!

Sister Wuebkes and I in the rain!

This is Irma an her sweet family! I don't know if I've told you about her.  She's from Mexico, got baptized about 7 months ago and then moved here to find out that her husband has a new family and was being unfaithful.  She is such an incredible woman! Always so happy (even though she looks a little ticked in this picture haha) and has such strong faith.  She loves the Book of Mormon and each time we come, her sweet kids each have to say an opening and closing prayer.  Their prayers almost make me cry every time because they are so sweet and sincere.

This is her oldest daughter Melany.

This is her youngest, Valeria! They are both dolls!

4th of July barbecue with Victor and June.

This is our district after our last district meeting together at Hermana Balza's house.

Hermana Balza and I.  I love this woman! She is our spanish relief society president and has us over every Monday night for dinner.

No big deal, just exhausted after literally walking like 3 miles around the city and DRIPPING sweat! Disgusting!

But, still happy to represent the Lord..

This is Elder Heath! Can I just say I love him so much!  He was a service missionary in our ward.  He has autism and I just LOVE this guy!

Family Scripture:  Moroni 10:5
                          " And by the power of the Holy Ghost ye may know the truth of all things."     I finished reading the Book of Mormon today! This is part of the promise that Moroni gives us at the end. I want you guys to know that I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of god. I love the Book of Mormon! In fact, I've been putting of reading the last two chapters for the last 2 days because I just didn't want it to end! But, I guess it's just time to start over again!

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