Monday, July 15, 2013

The good and bad days of being a missionary!

July 1st, 2013

  Can I just start by saying how much I love you guys! I know I say this every single week but seriously, I have the BEST family ever! 

So, let's talk about the incredible zone/mission conference/ temple day! :) Oh my goodness was it incredible! Our whole mission was together (which doesn't happen very often), to hear from President and Sister Keyes and go to the temple! So, our mission is splitting, actually I think that may have officially happened today, and so President wanted to do a temple day for the missionaries that were going to the other mission (which he did last Tuesday) and for us (which we did this past Wednesday). It was such a special day! All 200 missionaries were in the temple! We were greeted by President and Sister Keyes ! As I sat in the Celestial Room with them and so many of my dear friends, I feel like for the first time, I saw a glimpse of what heaven will be like. Man, was my testimony strengthened that day about the importance of staying true to the gospel and going to the temple!
     So, SAD DAY..... Lucy dropped us :/ Everything was going really well this week with her. We met with her on Tuesday and reviewed the Plan of Salvation and she loved it. From the very first time we met her and taught her about it until now she always keeps telling us she wants to go to the Celestial Kingdom. So, we were asking her what things we needed to do here on earth to qualify for that kingdom and she just kept bringing up baptism. We weren't going to bring it up because the last time she almost dropped us was because her "husband", Willie didn't want to get married and she just felt frustrated and quit. But, because she brought it up we began to talk about it. She expressed to us how much she wanted to be baptized and that she thought if she truly expressed to Willie her feelings that maybe he would understand more. We invited her to talk to him again and to say a prayer before so that God could help her. We had been praying for her all week and then all of the sudden we get this terrible text saying that Willie won't budge and that he feels that we are getting into their personal business about marriage. We felt bad that he felt that way but the only reason we even brought baptism up again this soon was because it was what Lucy wanted. She continued to text us and tell us that she has to stick with him and so she won't be able to see us anymore. And there it was, we were so so so SAD. Nearly in tears. Hermana Wuebkes and I just sat there and looked at each other both about to break down. I just don't get it. Willie's so so so sick (he has lung and thyroid cancer) and Lucy's been taking care of him for so long and all she wants is to be married so she can be baptized. AHHHH! I just have to keep reminding myself that maybe this just isn't her time. That maybe a few months or years down the road other missionaries will find her teaching record and go visit her and the time will be right. It's just really hard because we know that she has had a spiritual witness about the things that we have taught her. 
     Anyways, moving on, this week Hermana Wuebkes and I spent a lot of time driving around going to part member families/ less actives. One of the themes that I realized as we went from home to home, was that so so so many people would say, "so and so offended me and he was high up in the church" or "my dad had the priesthood and he did this, so now I'm never coming to church". It's so heartbreaking to see people choose to be offended and not partake of the wonderful blessings of the gospel. We've been taking Elder Bednar's approach (if you haven't read his talk about being offended, you should definitely go do that!). He says to ask them why they haven't been coming to church, and then to ask them how/ why they joined the church, basically to bear their testimony. At that point as you ask them that, most people are in tears because they still have a sure witness that this gospel is true. You then ask them if it is really worth it to not partake of the sacrament weekly and all the many other wonderful blessings they are withholding from themselves because they chose to be offended. Sometimes, people are so upset and stubborn that they still don't care, but many of times, this helps them to see the eternal perspective and full picture. I have truly loved this approach because when we ask people to share their conversion/ testimony, it immediately brings the spirit into the room, as they share what they know to be true.
     Goodness, I felt like I had no time at all today to write anyone! I'm so sorry! I had to read 24 rather long emails which took about an hour of my time. I promise that I will try my best to email back in the next week. Just know that I love you guys and absolutely LOVE your emails. They always make me smile, laugh, and sometimes cry! I feel so blessed and grateful to be serving here in this great mission! President calls it the alpha and omega mission. This is where it all began, and where it will all end! I know that I have been called here for a specific reason. When President was splitting the missions, he said, " I want all of you to know that you've been prayed here to stay in this mission." I just wish you guys could meet him. He's incredible! Seriously, the most Christ-like person I have ever met, next to McKay Stevens. Well, I love you all and hope you're having fun in Wisconsin! Tell everyone I love them and miss them and tell Megan I say ,"Hey BABY!"

Con Mucho Amor,
          Hermanita Jorgensen (numero uno)

This is Michah! She absolutely Loves wearing my name tag every time we come over.  She pretends that she's a "sister" and helps us teach the lessons, which usually turns into chaos, but it makes her day so it's completely worth it!

Pretty sure no one's looking in this picture, but when can you ever get a perfect picture with so many kids!  This is Lawanda's family! I love them so much!

Two of Lawanda's girlies!

Hermana Wuebkes and I outside el templo.
My zone!!! So many wonderful missionaries!

Such a wonderful 

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