Friday, February 7, 2014

Miracle of the week

January 14, 2014

Dearest fam and friends,

     There have been so many miracles this week! We have been so very blessed! The weather is even cooperating! ;) haha My heart is so full this week of gratitude of the blessing it is to be a missionary and to witness so many tender mercies!
Highlights of this week:

- I had the blessing to be a part of a miracle presentation at the VC (and when I say VC I mean the visitor center) this week. One of our investigators Diane brought in her friend Karen this past Wednseday. Karen has been searching for something more. The more I got to talk to her, the more I could feel of her strong faith in Christ and her desire to find truth. The cool thing about the VC, is that they have it set up in just a way that you can teach the entire first lesson (the Restoration) using different presentations. Had never done it before, but I decided I was going to try it with her. The spirit was so strong as I shared the first vision and she was crying during the entire hour we were together. My favorite thing about being a missionary, is being able to feel the spirit work through me to touch those that I'm teaching. Lastly, we took her to the Christus and bore testimony of our Savior. My goodness, was the spirit strong! Anyway, just such a huge miracle that helped me to love the VC more and understand why I am called here. The story doesn't really end that happy though. Two days later Diane called us and said Karen doesn't believe anything. I asked her why and she started listing off all these things. I could tell that she had been looking all these things up on an anti-Mormon site (believe me, serving in this area, we have heard all the anti stuff). Anyway, so she said Karen didn't want to meet with us that Sunday. Oh, my heart just sank. I'm so done with this anti stuff! I can't tell you how many investigators have stopped learning from us because of it! There is still hope though. I'm going to try and call her this week, and if all else fails, I know that she felt the spirit and that hopefully someday she will come to know that it is true.

- We found all of this out on Thursday (Karen and the anti stuff), and we were just having kind of a bummer of a day all week, but our very last appointment, we were blessed to witness such a huge miracle. We had an appointment with Karen. I'm not sure if I've told you about her, but if not, she's dating a kid in our ward and has been coming to church with him. We've been teaching her for the past few weeks, but her big hold up was her family because they are Catholic. On Thursday though, she told us her family is supportive of her getting baptized now! She was the happiest we've ever seen her! Seriously, like a totally different person. She asked us when she could get baptized. What in the world! Nobody ever asks that question!? haha So, she is planning on getting baptized February 1st! She's so cute, she wants us to text her every night to remind her to read her scriptures and she absolutely LOVES the Book of Mormon. The cool thing too, is that her whole family is from Mexico and her mom doesn't really speak English, so hopefully I'm going to get to talk to her mom soon. :) Who knows though, my Spanish is seriously about as a good as it was when I left the MTC! haha

- We had another miracle this past Saturday too! We went over to a members house to do some service and have lunch with her, and her granddaughter, Lexi, was there. She's 9 and really wants to get baptized. We have no idea why she isn't baptized yet, she comes to church every week. Anyway, protocol is that if kids are 9 and older, they need to receive the lessons. So, we taught her the first lesson. It was the best! It's so fun to teach kids! We asked her to tell us the story of Joseph Smith, and she talked about how Joseph was praying and then the 3 wise men came to see him! :) haha She's so cute, I told her that my name is Lexi too, so she just started calling me Lexi and that was the weirdest! It's so weird, I don't even feel like that's my name anymore! We're so excited for her though! She's going to be getting baptized on February 22nd!
     Wow, I feel like this email is so long! Too many miracles this week! The Lord always fulfills His promises as we do what He asks! That, I have a testimony of. I am so grateful to be serving in Independence! It truly is a sacred place. Yes, it was hard to leave Liberty, and a piece of my heart will ALWAYS be there, but I know this is where the Lord wants me right now. I am grateful to be a visitor center sister. WHAT!? Can you believe I said that!? I thought I would never say that! haha But really, it is incredible to get to be able to do both proselyting and serve at the VC. It's so cool because the Lord truly makes up for the time that we spend in the VC and we are able to teach about as many lessons a week as the elders. THIS IS HIS WORK! I am so grateful to be His representative here. I know He lives. With all my heart, I know that Jesus is the Christ. I love you guys so much! Have a wonderful week :)

love always,

          Sister Jorgensen

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