Saturday, February 8, 2014

Baby it's cold outside

February 4, 2014

Dearest Fam and Friends,

Oh my goodness it is so cold and so so snowy! This has been the weirdest P-day! We're not allowed to use our cars because of the snow storm, and it looks like we might be in all day long! The weather here in Missouri is so bipolar, I don't get it! I thought Provo was like that, but it doesn't even compare to the weather here. In a way though, I kind of like when the weather is bad because it is easier to get into people's homes because they feel sorry for us! haha The best though, is when were knocking doors and people say, "You guys need to get in doors.", yet they don't invite us in. I still don't get that one, but it definitely cracks me up!

This week has been a good one! I can't really remember too many specific things that have made it great, but all in all, looking back it was wonderful. We got to teach a lot this week! Thursday is our full proselyting day and it was a really good day. We got to see so many people and by the end of the day I was completely exhausted. We got to finally visit a less active lady in our ward, Sister Chinnery. She use to be RLDS and then joined our church and then had some interesting/ crazy things happen with the bishop so she stopped coming. Sister Heylen and I have been trying to see her for weeks, but every time we went, she was never home or didn't answer. Finally, on Thursday she answered and she let us in! She is the coolest lady! She's adopted like 6 kids and 4 of them have disabilities. I talked to her about Aubsy and showed her a picture and she loved it. She talked about some of her concerns, but through it all she would make comments like, "this church has to be true though because it's the only one of the restoration churches that is growing". Her daughter and son were there and she said they both are begging her to let them get baptized. They are 15 and 13. Anyway, this is a family I have felt for a long time that we needed to go see and I'm excited to go back.

It's interesting being in Independence, because you run into all sorts of people who believe in the Book of Mormon and the prophet Joseph Smith. So, we have to take a whole different teaching approach to help them to understand the church. Before I came out here, I knew there were different groups that broke off, but I didn't understand what they believed in and I had no idea there were so many break offs. I'm learning all sorts of things here!

Sad news, Karen definitely will not be getting baptized this Friday. :( Her mom doesn't think she knows enough and says that she has already been baptized. I do think she'll get baptized, it's only a matter of time. We are just going to continue to teach her. She's such a champ, she goes to seminary almost every morning at 6 am!

Well, that's really all for this week! Transfers are in two days and I'm almost positive Sister Heylen and I will be splitting up. She's been here for 6 months and that's typically the longest you stay in areas. I'm not going to lie, it's been a hard transfer, but through it all, I have learned so much about myself and most importantly my Savior. I am grateful for trials and hard times that help us to come closer to the Savior. Right now I am reading the New Testament and Jesus the Christ, and  I am completely obsessed with them. I truly have come to know my Savior in such a different way this transfer than any other. I love Him! I know that He can heal and sanctify us. He LIVES! Love you all!

love always,
            Hermana  Jorgensen

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