Thursday, March 20, 2014

Finally tracting without a coat

March 11, 2014

My dearest fam and friends!!!

I am so happy that our Ashy had a wonderful birthday! I was definitely thinking about her yesterday! Grandma, I'll be thinking about you on the 17th too! My goodness time is just speeding by! I'm kind of happy to hopefully be done with winter here. Yesterday it hit 70 and I think it's suppose to do the same today! :) I never really knew how much the weather could effect your mood. My companion and I were LOVING yesterday! Tracting was so enjoyable!

So, this week has been a little different. For two days of the week my companion and I haven't even been able to go out to our area because of VC shifts and conferences. On Wednesday I got to go to the mission leadership council with all the sister leaders and zone leaders. It was so nice to get to be at the mission home with so many good friends. I loved being able to hear trainings from President and Sister Keyes and the assistants. The only downside to going to these meetings is that then you have to give the trainings to your zone. So, on Friday, I had to give one of the assistants trainings to our zone at our zone training. It's funny that Ashy talked about the assistants being there to watch her role play this week, because that was exactly what I was terrified about. The assistants are in our zone and sometimes they stay for the trainings. Luckily they left right before I had to give mine though! haha It's so funny, I think Heavenly Father is trying to push me out of my comfort zone lately. I still am not completely comfortable or love speaking in front of large groups of people and so He's made me do it left and right on the mission - bus tours, speaking in church, and giving district and zone trainings. I do admit though, that it is getting easier and easier the more I do it, so for that I am grateful!

This week we had such a wonderful lesson with Legend. He's so cute! He is so sincere and has been waiting to be able to get baptized for 2 years now. Last time we saw him, we invited him to pray every night before he went to bed. One of the first things he said when we came was that he only missed two days. He was so excited to tell us! Later, his mom told us that about a week ago, he told her that his knees were kind of hurting from kneeling! haha I just love this kid and it's such a blessing to be able to teach him and soon see him get baptized!

We also got to see Marilyn this week. She's an older lady that we've been teaching inconsistently for the last month or so. She will hopefully be coming to church with us this week! It was so good to see her. She's so cute, she made us muffins and was so excited for us to come over. She told us that the Book of Mormon is finally starting to speak to her. She reads everything we invite her too and even takes notes every lesson. Pray for her!

Things are picking up at the VC finally! We have had the first round of spring breakers this past week! It has been so fun to be taking so many families through! It's starting to feel a little more like summer! Hopefully it will last for a little while.

Well, I love you all so so much and I am so grateful for your prayers and love! The work is moving forward here in Zion and it has been a wonderful blessing and privilege to be here witnessing it. Next week, our ward and another ward will be splitting to create a new ward! It's so exciting! That means the church is growing here! :) Isn't that exciting?! I love this work and know that it is the Lord's work!

love always,
      Hermana Jorgensen

1. Mission Leadership Council with all the sisters and Sister Keyes:)

1. Yesterday while tracting, this train got in the way a little! haha Only in Missouri!

2. Our cutie investigator, Legend (Eleanor's son), who is getting baptized on March 29th! :)

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