Thursday, March 20, 2014

Investigators + Ward members :)

March 18th, 2014

My dearest Fam and Friends!!!

I'll start off by warning you that I probably won't have too much time to write this because we were in Kansas City all morning long. It was so much fun! We went to the Zoo and to an amazing barbecue place! We have the best senior couples here who always want to come with us on our pday adventures and it's so much fun! This past week has just flown on by and I can't even believe that transfers are in two days. I have no idea where this last transfer went. It's kind of scaring me how fast it's going! We have had such a great week though. The Lord is truly blessing us in the Independence 1st ward.

Last Wednesday, we had dinner with a family in our ward and asked if we could invite Melissa and Theo to come with us. They came, and it was the best thing in the world! We just had a general authority come and his focus was on getting the right members involved with our investigators so my companion and I have been trying to do that a lot more. I mean, it's always been a focus I've tried to have on the mission, but we are really cracking down on it now. The whole dinner and lesson was absolutely perfect! Melissa would ask them different questions and they were the same questions she's asked us, but it was so different when it was coming from members. It felt like we were watching her skip ten squares on the Candyland board game to get closer to her baptism day all in one hour. I have no clue if that makes any sense! haha The point I'm trying to make, is that members are the key to this work! My testimony of this was strengthened a bajillion times more from this experience.

On Sunday, we had a combined conference with the 2nd ward because they are splitting our wards and creating another ward from them. The meeting was incredible! The spirit was overflowing as we sang "The Spirit of God" at the end. It was just so cool to have so many members together! The sad thing is that we are losing a few families in our ward that will be going to the new ward. Luckily though, we won't be losing any of our investigators. That was a huge blessing!

Yesterday, my comp. and I took such a wonderful presentation at the VC. It's weird, most presentations are really nice, but I can distinctly remember a few at both the jail and the VC that I will never forget because they were so powerful! This one was one of those. We had a kid and his dad come in last night from Oklahoma. The kid is a member of the church and joined about three years ago. The rest of his family aren't members, but he and his dad were doing all the church sites because that's what he wanted to do for his last spring break before he goes on his mission. About 2 or 3 weeks ago he got his call to Taiwan. I can't even begin to describe to you how incredible our time with them was. This kid is incredible! He is the most prepared 18 year old missionary I have ever met and has such a special spirit about him. He and his dad wept through the entire presentation. He bore his testimony to us and shared his conversion story. The entire time, I was just in awe. He reminded me a lot of Daniel Edmonson. I am just so amazed at these converts who serve missions and are so strong. This was truly a testimony builder for me and my companion!

Well, life is oh so good here in Independence! It is such a blessing to be serving here and I am so grateful for this time that I have. This past week I have been re-reading all the stories you sent me mom of our ancestors, some of who were here, and it has made this place come more alive for me. I am grateful that I get to spend about 30 hours a week telling and bearing testimony of the pioneers. Their faith and sacrifice has truly been an inspiration to me as I've been out here. Boy, am I grateful for them! Well, I love you all so so much! Make it a great week! XOXOX

love always,
       Hermana Jorgensen  

1. My lovely district in front of the VC!

2. I'm kind of a creeper and ask if I can take pics with people I take on presentations if I really want to remember it. This is Blake and his dad!

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