Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Miracle of the Couch

March 4th, 2014

My dearest fam and friends,

      Happy happy birthday to my Ashy! I hope you have such a wonderful day! Birthdays on the mission are so special! I can't believe you are going to be 20! My goodness!

      So, I'm just going to warn you in advanced that this email will probably be really scattered because that is kind of how my brain is right now! Sorry!

     This week I had the opportunity to go on exchanges! I went with a brand new sister to her area and I left Hermana Almodovar to take care of our area. I had really prayed to know which sister I needed to go with and I kept feeling like I needed to be with Sister Candland in her area, even though she had only been out for three weeks. In the morning we were serving at the VC until 3 and then we finally got to go out to her area. They didn't have any set appointments so we made some plans the night before to contact some potentials and former investigators. Let's just say it was freezing cold and no one was home or if they were they wouldn't let us come in. I was trying not to get discouraged, but I kept thinking inside, "Please Heavenly Father, let us see miracles together!". So, we go to dinner and after that we had about an hour and a half to work. We went to this apartment complex to contact 2 more people, and to no surprise, they weren't home either. We even had a member with us to visit them and we were starting to get bummed. As we were walking to leave the apartments, we saw a family moving in. They were trying to move a huge couch but it did not fit through the stairwell so they were attempting to stand on a truck bed and push it up to the balcony (they live on the 3rd floor). I don't know if you can picture all of this, but it was something that you would see a video of on YouTube because it was so crazy! We asked if we could help and they gladly accepted our offer. Long story short, we were there for about an hour and a half helping them move in. Our member even went home and got a ladder and rope so that we could move the couch in. Pretty much the entire apartment complex was out helping, so in that hour and a half, we taught four lessons and found three new investigators! It was such a miracle and answer to our prayers! Who would have thought that helping to move a couch would allow us to find three new investigators! Service softens hearts! Sister Candland and I drove home completely filled with gratitude for the miracle we had witnessed and for our Heavenly Father's goodness.

     This whole week I could not wait for Friday to come. We have something called Friday Night Out at the VC where we hold different events and this week Brother Kesler came! I don't know if you guys remember him, but he was one of my ward mission leaders in Liberty and I absolutely adore his family! He's a hallmark artist, so he came and did a presentation. It was seriously the best night ever! Pretty much almost every single one of my top five fav. fams in the Liberty 1st Ward came! I was oh so happy!

     So, last night we had another lesson with Fata (the guy from Samoa whose wife is a member). It was so so good! We talked about the plan of salvation and they opened up to us about how they lost their 2 year old little boy in a tsunami a few years ago. :( I really think things are starting to click for Fata. Every time we come, he always loves it but then at the end says that he has his own faith. Let's just say he's a wee bit stubborn, but that's my speciality. We truly saw the spirit working with him last night. It's so cool to share the plan of salvation using some scriptures in the Bible to show that the doctrine is there too. He loved that and it kind of took him off guard. Pray for this family! They are so sweet!

      I want all of you to know that I am happy and well! I have experienced no greater joy than being out here serving the Lord. I know that the message that we share is true and comes from our loving Heavenly Father. I know that it can bless and change lives. Following the plan that God has for us is the only way to find pure joy in this life. This I know to be true! I love you all!

love always,
       Hermana Jorgensen

1. Don't you love this?!

2. The miracle of the couch! I just talked to the sisters and they went to visit them last night and they are now on date to be baptized March 29th! Isn't that incredible!

3. Part of my heart will forever be in Liberty.

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