Friday, March 14, 2014

I have a new companion straight from the MTC

February 11,2014

Dearest fam and friends,

Oh what a week it has been! It has felt unusually long, but I guess that's normal on transfer weeks. I got a new companion straight from the MTC! And guess what?! She speaks Spanish (or should I say she's been called Spanish speaking and is learning it). Yay! I finally have a spanish companion to do language study with! I haven't had that since pretty much my first transfer. My new comp's name is Hermana Almodovar. She's from San Diego. 

So, this weather has been so so cold for us! We got about 10 inches of snow this week and when we got in our car today, it said that it's 3 degrees! It was kind of funny, one day this week it was 30 degrees, and I was in HEAVEN! Can you believe it?! Now, I'm thinking that's nice weather. I think I'm finally getting some what use to this cold.

Well, let's see....crazy/funny story for last week! A man named Thomas came into the VC last week. I greeted him and he told me he had died and been resurrected and that on February 14th he was going to die again because two years ago on that day, he had taken poison and that's the day it's going to kick in. He also told me that his mission is to free those that are held captive in Kolob after he dies this week. Kind of a crazy character and definitely not mentally stable! Anyway, he ends up being kicked out of the VC and on his way out is yelling all these "prophecies". Even though he got kicked out and told not to come again, he came back every single day this week. These are the kind of special characters you find here in Independence! Don't worry though, we're safe. That's what our senior couples are for. :)

Miracle of the week......we get to teach Eleanor's little boy, Legend! I don't know if you guys remember Eleanor, but she's the one that we were trying to work with in Liberty for 6 months who's less active. When we first started working with her she told us she had a 10 year old boy who was begging to get baptized.  The whole time I was there we were trying to find ways we could get to teach him but it never worked out because he lives with his dad and she only gets him on every other weekend and the weekends she does get him, they spend it all in Independence. Long story short, he comes to our ward here in Independence because this is where her parents live and we got permission from the bishop to teach him. We met him on Sunday and he is the cutest little boy! I'm so so excited to get to start teaching him! He'll probably be getting baptized sometime in March since we can only teach him every other weekend. I really felt strongly when I was in Liberty that we were suppose to teach him and now we finally get to! Never in the way or where I thought, but the Lord has provided a way!

Overall, all is going well in the Inde 1st ward! I have been so exhausted both physically and spiritually these past few day. I forgot how much training takes the life out of you! I have truly felt the Lord strengthening and helping me though! My testimony of the enabling power of the atonement has been significantly strengthened this past transfer or so. I know that it is through His grace and strength that I have been able to serve thus far and that I will continue to serve. I love this gospel and know that it is true. I am grateful to know that truth will stand still in this ever-changing world. I love you all! Have a wonderful week! :)

love always,
       Hermana Jorgensen

1. My new comp. and I :)

2. They call these generation pics in the mission. I trained Sister Sommer and now she's training a new missionary and then now I'm training Hermana Almodovar. All we are missing is Sister Wuebkes and Rackham.

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