Monday, May 12, 2014

Mormon = Kaw River + Liberty 1st + Independence 1st

April 15, 2014


     For the record, Missouri is literally the weirdest state ever when it comes to the weather. Like two days ago it was 80 degrees and then yesterday it dropped to 30. Can you believe that?! These kind of things happen on a daily basis here. It's crazyyy!

     So, last Wednesday I went to my last zone conference. It was so so good! I was a little bit emotional though. The more that I have been away from home, the more I am finding out that I am my father's daughter. haha Not the emotional part, but in the fact that I am becoming so sentimental. At the conference, I kept thinking about how this is the last time I'm going to sing "Called to Serve" with all the missionaries, or the last time I am going to be with all my companions. As I was doing this, I kept thinking about the day we were leaving to drop me off to college. Remember that day?? I know Ashy can remember it perfectly! How dad made me say goodbye to every room in the house, and drove around to say goodbye to the park, oh and don't forget Briggs! :) Well, I have discovered that I might have a little bit of that in me too (which dad, I don't think is a bad thing at all). I even gave my departing testimony to the mission (which I don't think even seems right because I still have a transfer and a half left). But, they only do zone conferences every other transfer, so they had all the missionaries that are going home in these next two give their testimonies. It was such a blessing because all of my companions were able to be there too!

      Knowing that I was going to be giving my departing testimony, I had done a lot of pondering this past week about my mission. Boy oh boy have I learned so much as a missionary! I think one of the biggest lessons the Lord has taught me as a missionary is what my purpose is here on this Earth. Every day as missionaries we state our purpose. "Our purpose it to invite others to come unto Christ...." I don't know why I didn't realize this before the mission, but this is our purpose our entire lives. It does not change. It will not change when I come home either. Sure, the way that we go about fulfilling this purpose varies in different times in our lives, but in reality, we are here to first come unto Christ ourselves, and then to invite those around us to come unto Him. How great is our calling! I have truly come to know my Savior Jesus Christ in such a real way as I have served Him. There's a scripture in the Book of Mormon in Mosiah 18:30. This is when Alma is baptizing the people at the waters of Mormon. In the verse it talks about about how all this was done in Mormon and then it says, "how beautiful are they to the eyes of them who there came to know their Redeemer.." The land of Mormon had become holy because that is where the people of Alma had come to know and follow their Redeemer. In my scriptures, I have written... Mormon = Kaw River, Liberty 1st, and Independence 1st. These places have become so sacred to me because of the testimony I have gained of my Savior as I have been serving here. I am grateful for a loving Heavenly Father, who knew that as much as my heart desired to go to South America, that he sent me here to Independence because He knew of the people, experiences, and testimony that I needed to receive here. I love Him so much for this!

     I love you all so so much! This weekend is the Burch's happy sealing day! Pray for them! XOXOX

love always,

          Sister Jorgensen

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