Monday, May 12, 2014

The Burchs Are getting Sealed!!!

April 8, 2014

My Dearest Fam and Friends!!!

     I definitely second what Ashy said in her email about General Conference! I LOVED it! I was so excited all week and couldn't wait to watch it. I was reflecting on how I felt about conference before the mission and my mind was being brought back to playing bingo, trying to keep the whole family awake for just one session, and many other wonderful conference memories. Goodness, how my feelings and attentiveness towards conference has changed! I don't know why but right before the Saturday morning session started my eyes were welled up with tears because I was feeling the spirit so strong and was so full of gratitude to my Father in Heaven to have living apostles and prophets on the earth. I actually have been brought to tears about 5 or so times this week. I think I'm losing it! One time this week I cried when I got a letter from Grandma Sharon and she talked about how she made a promise with the Lord to serve Him just as diligently and whole-hearted as she did her last day of her mission as she did her first. Another time  I teared up was when I read in Pam Honey's talk that she gave me that Tonka is going to get to baptize his dad. I don't even really know him, but that is incredible! The last time I teared up this week is when Brother Burch came into the VC to tell me some exciting news.
     THE BURCHS ARE GETTING SEALED APRIL 19TH!!!! Can you believe it?! This is by far going to be the happiest day of my mission! I got a call from the VC saying that Bro. Burch was there to talk to me and they asked if I would like to talk to him on the phone. Right when I got on the phone, Bro. Burch began to cry. I told him I would be at the VC in 5 minutes. We ran over there and he told me the wonderful news. He was so emotional and so happy. He gave me a little update on what had been going on for the past few weeks. Two weeks ago he received the priesthood and Lisa also received a calling to serve as a Beehive advisor! They now have home and visiting teachers and they are home and visiting teachers! Isn't this the best! Bro. Burch told me it was my job to get the word out to all the missionaries that were invited. So, Sister Rackham and Sister Sommer and I will all be together with them on the 19th along with many of  the people from Liberty 1st ward that I love. It is going to be the BEST!
     Nothing else that happened this week can really compare to this news. We had dinner at the Iosua's on Sunday (Legend's family) and we began to teach him the new member lessons. I told him that you guys were coming out to visit in July and that we would take him out for lunch so that you could meet him. He got so excited! I told him that my little brother is 11 and now he wants to meet you Preston! When you come you will get to meet a whole bunch of 10 year olds! haha Our little friend Lacey will hopefully be getting baptized in May. She is very excited, as are we!
     Lately we have been working with a less active member in our ward to help her come back to church. I met her about three months ago at a doctors office and then found out that she's in our ward. It's funny how the Lord literally puts people right in your path. At that time, she wasn't ready to come back, but we went over there like 2 weeks ago and she showed such a strong desire to come back. I think it's because her dad is dying and she's beginning to focus more on the things that matter most. Her goal is the temple. She has never been. She is doing so great. She's come to church/ watched conference for the last 3 weeks and read all of first Nephi in like 2 days. It's incredible what the Lord can to with us when we have the desire to change!
     I know it probably isn't good to have a favorite talk, but the one that stood out to me the most was Pres. Uchtdorf's talk about gratitude. I loved that he talked about how gratitude brings healing and understanding. Lately I have been looking back at things that I have learned as a missionary and I've definitely learned the importance of having an attitude of gratitude . I know that as we look to the Lord each day with grateful hearts, whether it be in times of sunshine or rain, that our testimony of His great goodness will be seared in our souls and we will know that He lives and that He is in the details of our lives. I love Him and know that He lives.

love always,

       Hermana Jorgensen

Cute polynesian girl wearing my name tag.

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